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February 12, 2005

The human freakshow! Here is some utter hilarity, for the monkeys. The old time freak show has been resurected for your pleasure!
Mama, What's a Mashee? Mashees. . . downtown Asheville is full of them. Here's a place to meet some of our finest. Be sure to check this out for sheer weirdness. (warning: video, immediate noise) disclaimer: Not a self link; I don't know exactly who puts this site together offhand but I am pretty sure I've gotten drunk with them a couple times. more inside
Military.com , a Monster.com site, is the largest online military destination, offering free resources to serve, connect, and inform the 30 million Americans with military affinity, including active duty, reservists, guard members, retirees, veterans, family members, defense workers and those considering military careers. more inside
My Secret Life The sex diary (in 11 volumes) of Walter, whose real identity remains uncertain. (This is uncensored Victorian porn. NSFW.)
Wreck homes like Angelina! Flash, language probably NSFW, hi-larity.
Take a Virtual Skate down the World's Longest Skating Rink. Click on "Virtual Tour" on the left to skate really fast down the 7.8 km of the Rideau Canal, here in my hometown of Ottawa in the Great White North. If you've never skated or want to improve your skills check out the Recreational Skating FAQ . And of course you can work on the mysterious, the unfathomable and totally cool hockey stop.
The Money Shot: an online series. (NSFW site and episodes): "A dark comedy about the business side of the porn business". Old - I first watched these in 2001 - but amusing enough to share on a lazy Saturday. The creators released seven episodes in one year but, sadly, nothing since. Each is around 10 minutes long. Here's the first episode at iFilm (they have all of them, just follow the links in the synopses).
Linux Virgin Not all of it is up yet, but it's pretty funny. Geeks on Valentine's Day? (Not Safe For Work, but who's at work on Saturday? Not your boss! Download away!)
temporary anesthetics (comic strips)
A Quiz with no Right or Wrong Answer For those of you who don't want to click on the link, there's: more inside
Curious Blog Photo Questioning George: My wife has recently started using blogger. She was using Flikr! to upload photos in order to have a url to link to for embedded images. However, she did not realize that Flikr! has a limited number of free monthly uploads. Can you reccomend a similar service that allows unlimited free uploads? (both she and I are relatively new to the blogging world and might be missing something obvious here, so please point that out if that is the case.)
Curious, George: I'm trying to find some books that I read as a child so that I might give them to my (new) neice. However, I only have some vague recollections of a few of them. more inside
Best Headline of the Year?