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February 10, 2005

A follow-up to this previous thread on MeFi . For those who believe in Karma I more inside
Help I've been playing with the Donnie Darko website for a few days and I can't figure it out...yes I know I'm a moron. more inside
Please don't kill me for this I just thought this was too funny... (I was searching google for something completely unrelated when I saw these results...) more inside
National Security Archive (George Washington University). A fascinating and newsworthy vault of declassified U.S. government documents covering key items of policy and defense. See original papers on Nixon's China visit in 1972, the Iran crisis of 1979, and bickering over the Rwandan genocide. Don't miss the Top Ten oldest FOIA requests to see secrecy in action. Related MoFi FPP: Cryptome/Cartome.
All that jazz: Penn Jillette, of Penn & Teller, and Paul Provenza have a new documentary about comedy that, like most works that explore the extremes, helps define an art. Previously referred to here. (NSFW) more inside
Give it Away George! Gmail invites, does anyone still need them? more inside
Curious George: Computer Burp Curious George: My computer decided that since I said good things about it, it had to prove me wrong. more inside
Sweatin' Monkey: Being the worst creative thinker of gifts out there, I am imploring the ever-brainy simians for some help on a Valentine's Day gift for my sweetie. more inside
Creepy head shots. Wait 15 seconds after the page has loaded... Via Blork
Engelbert Humperdinck - SuperSpy Well....not really. The NSA apparently does some training, and although they normally use fictional names, this time they decided to use Engelbert Humperdinck's name. Then the speculation began. more inside
Curious Charles. Trivia question: What couple was together decades ago, married others, split from their spouses, reunited and are wedding the first week in April? Answer: SideDish and her sweetie (April 9) and Prince Charles and Camilla (April 8)! Interesting coincidence, eh? Anyhoo, all you Brit monkeys, how do you feel about Chuck and Cammy finally making it legal?
Yeknom, Inc. Now hiring. Opposable Thumbs A Plus.
Pants More immoral "morality" from the legislators of the so-called land of the free. more inside
Furious George Tries To Get Rid Of Adrenalin ...How do you calm yourself down after something freaks you right out? Hot baths? Warm milk? Pacing and swearing? I just finished writing out yet another witness statement for the cops. more inside
Guess the Whale from its Song! [requires flash or flashboy]
A Literary Life Born of Brutality. J.T. Leroy has published three books already, and he's just in his mid-20s. According to the New York Times article linked to at the head of this FPP: He has become the de rigueur literary recommendation for a certain set of hipsters — Tom Waits, Bono and Liv Tyler have singled out his writing in interviews — and has been embraced by established writers including Tobias Wolff, Michael Chabon and Mary Gaitskill, and by a cadre of celebrities with, as it happens, their own troubled pasts, like Courtney Love, Winona Rider, Tatum O'Neal and Billy Corgan. He's been profiled in the Village Voice, writes lyrics for the band Thistle, and just had his book of stories made into a movie by Asia Argento, his friend. more inside
Alan Keyes Daughter Comes Out of the Closet Alan Keyes daughter comes out of the closet to speak for Equality Maryland.
March to Lawyer�s Mall (in front of the State House) for the rally, featuring community leaders, Judy Shepard, and Maya Marcel Keyes, the self-described queer activist who is also daughter of ultra-conservative Alan Keyes, whose recent campaign for senator from Illinois included his calling Mary Cheney a �hedonist.� Maya group up in Montgomery County and will certainly have some interesting things to say about living with someone who is so outspoken in his opposition to gay rights.
more inside
A Day In the Life of Miss McDonald. more inside
Is William Rehnquist Deep Throat? OK, so there could be a million posts guessing who Deep Throat is. Here's a recent thread suggesting it was George Bush (the father). Recent revelations that Deep Throat is gravely ill make the Bush connection seem unlikely (unless he's sick and we don't know). more inside
Bird Type Specimens. The Zoological Museum Amsterdam has put up 3D images of part of their extensive stuffed bird collection. Pigeon, owl, finch, bird of paradise...but alas, no chicken.