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February 09, 2005

The Boston Globe is the first major media outlet to pick up on the story of Jeff Gannon, "reporter" for Talon News, and an approved member of the White House press corps. Mr. Gannon is, in fact, a Republican Party shill and Press Secretary Scott McLellan's go-to guy for softball questions when the press conferences aren't going their way. Ongoing MetaFilter discussion here.
White Power? I guess not. As discussed previously, Panzerfaust Records was responsible for Project Schoolyard, which distributed white power music to kids in an effort to foster hate.
R.I.P. Jimmy Smith - News is just breaking that the king of the Hammond B3 passed away in his sleep yesterday. We're one genius less today.
Holy Monkey: So today religion is wild and lose at monkeyfilter...coincidentally, today is Ash Wednesday...did any monkeys get their ash cross yet? I'm guessing yes, but, do international monkeys do it the same way? is it OK to say happy "ash wednesday!"...hmm...banana
Playful Chocolate Just the thought of popping an exquisite chocolate into your mouth and letting its flavor melt into a warm, sensual liquid is enough to trigger feelings of pleasureable anticipation. (Don't worry, SFW.)
Curious frustrated George My 7 year old nephew is driving my crazy trying to save my soul. Help. more inside
496 titles (75,365 pages) The collection is of international significance for researchers who study historical, cultural, social, and literary aspects of children's literature. More than half of the volumes collected here are unique among collections of children's literature elsewhere, whether in paper, microform, or digital format.
Curious George: Book Promo - How valuable is a mint promotional copy of a book? more inside
What's the best free thing you've ever scored? Love and lunch excluded. I found an insanely beautiful inlaid wooden dining table with a single drawer beneath running the whole length and accessible from two sides, apparently hand-made (metal not used in construction, all pegs and dovetails), with three different woods used to create the inlays. more inside
The Depression Era Cultural Landscape: UVA has put an incredible museum of 1930's culture online. They have comics: including Krazy Kat, SuperMan and Buck Rogers; radio broadcasts: including Jack Benny, and The Lone Ranger; and film clips: including Duck Soup, The Thin Man, and Citizen Kane plus documentaries of the era.
Curious George: Mardi Gras fun/Lent sacrifice? Did any monkeys get to do anything fun for Mardi Gras? (Like have a yummy king cake or any more adult oriented fun?) Do any monkeys give up something for Lent? more inside
White (Trash) House Menu Via Rox Populi: I'm sure many monkeys already know about White House chef Walter Scheib III being fired by Laura Bush. I don't think many people are aware of the menu he was forced to make during the inauguration. more inside
A chance to name a monkey (posted here for obvious reasons). I'd like to hear your suggestions for a species name (no bid required).