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February 04, 2005

Thhe Cuddly Menace Pink Zogg will supervise population cleansing. more inside
Curious George: Email Glurge How do you deal with office email glurge? You know, the crappy emails that same coworker seems to send every day, usually with pink backgrounds, dancing animals, or multitudes of angels. Do you enjoy it? Do you ignore it? Do you get the IT Department to tell them to quit? more inside
"This is the thread where we change the word 'money' in a song lyric to 'monkey'" more inside
Boozy: The Life, Death, and Subsequent Vilification of Le Corbusier and, More Importantly, Robert Moses. "This February, Les Freres Corbusier finally puts the punk rock back into urban planning: Amidst a blaze of streaming media, ridiculous choreography, and dozens of live fornicating rabbits, a desperate battle is waged over the creation of New York's bridges, highways, and public housing." more inside
Moist Bread Ok so I recently started baking stuff, including bread. But bread, as it turns out, is really hard to make right. I keep making really dry bread. I've tried a variety of recipies, both bread machine and hand-made. I cover the dough with a damp towel when it's rising. The ingredients always include something that should make the bread moist- the last loaf I made included an entire stick of butter, and it was the driest yet! Could any culinarily-talented monkeys help? (Any other helpful suggestions/tips/lessons learned on the topic of baking bread would also be appreciated.)
Montana Family Coalition objects to a bill that would make strangling a felony in cases of domestic abuse. The homosexuals have gone too far in hiding their agenda this time! more inside
Good bye Ossie. Distinguished writer, actor, director Ossie Davis has died at 87. more inside
The Guardian has a nice tribute to Bob Marley Sound, Flash who would have been sixty this month had he lived. The legacy Real media of the first Third World superstar lives on.
Asian Tattoo Artist Inks Revenge "Using a tattoo gun fashioned out of a sharpened paper clip, dental floss, and a ballpoint pen taped to a plastic spork, the disgruntled prisoner has drawn Black Panther Party symbols on white supremacists...."
Lovely parting gifts: For ladies, there's the Separation and Divorce Ring ("This glitter will take you thru the day ... and quietly, your smile will be the new beginning"). For gents, it's the Silver Bullet ("Say no to marriage. Say no to commitment. Say yes to the Silver Bullet").
SFC Paul Smith: Medal of Honor The St Petersburg Times has an excellent interactive section in tribute to Medal of Honor winner Sgt. Paul Smith.
Curious George: Good auto repair site? Is there a good in-depth auto repair site online? I have the obligatory Haynes manual, but it only gives a sketchy picture of the process without describing the big picture. Most websites I've found are like "how to change the oil", or deal with intricately specific & obscure problems. I want something that teaches me everything I need to know about a job, with good techniques, concepts, and advice. more inside
Domina mea exstat a tergo! A Latin translation of Sir Mix-A-Lot's hit Baby Got Back. Find the rest of the song translated elsewhere on LiveJournal. Classics scholars can also find a Greek translation here (although that page looks a little broken).
Normally, I don't like this sort of thing but it's fairly well done.
Google Print is in beta.
Daedilus Georgius Nonne linguam latinam amatis? Censetisne simiae et simii websiteam latinam bonnam?
The Watergate Papers Go Public In 2003, Woodward and Bernstein sold the notes they took during Watergate (the scandal that eventually forced President Nixon to resign, for non US monkeys)to the University of Texas. Now, the University is making some of the papers available to the public, starting Friday. You can view the papers at the University or online. more inside