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February 02, 2005

You call this Ok, Al? Track listings for "Everything's Ok", Al Green's newest album, are all silly and I like that. They include: "Daphnis Et Chloe: Part I: The Young Girls Attract Daphnis's Attention And Surround Him With Their..." and "The Old Shepherd Lammon Explains That, If Pan Has Saved Chloe, It Is...". Click now, before they fix it.
Litterbox — Live Performance! (Flash) Amazing concert video of Litterbox performing their chart-topping hit "Hiss of Death" (complete with jumbotron and wall of sound). Could this be the biggest thing since "Cat Scratch Fever"?
I accept your nomination Senator Orrin Hatch, among others, is leading the campaign to amend the US constitution to allow me to become president of the United States. Of course, I'd have to at least visit, first, perhaps even settle. more inside
Doogle Google, Irish style. more inside
College columnist hides unethical message in column about ethics (first letter of each paragraph)
Lusty robots? "Robots will have their own personalities and emotions..." We. Are. Doomed.
Curious George: I want a TiVo! I know the basics - can anyone recommend the best type of TiVo and acccompanying DVD-R to have? What questions I should ask when I go shopping around? Month-to-month or lifetime subscription? Are they going out of business? Assume I'm a guy who watches a few shows regularly, loves movies, and is sick of seeing my river of full-package cable content flow by unexamined.
For the synth fetishists amongst us: self described 'dancer and electronic musician' Çikira is really, really into synths. like, a lot. Her site (admittedly a little crufty on the HTML front) is chock full of studio-pr0n. Hurrah! more inside
Curious, George: Ottawa Meetup! An Ottawa meetup is finally being planned! Along with MeFites, we're planning on Friday the 18th at Pub Italia. If that's no good, we can discuss alternatives [inside].