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February 01, 2005

Everything you need to know about your airplane seat.
Curious, George: DVD to Powerpoint I need to import a video clip from a DVD into a PowerPoint presentation. I used Mac the Ripper to rip the DVD, but now I just have a copy of a DVD on my desktop. Any ideas how I can convert it to a useable file format?
What does abstinence mean?
Abstinence-only programs like those promoted by the Bush administration don't seem to be working on teenagers in the president's home state, according to a state-sponsored study by Texas A&M University researchers.
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An entry in Prince Harry's "Sensitivity For Others" journal...with a little help from "The New Yorker" On Americans "...To prove our kinship, I wore a great mound of padding and spoke very loudly. I immediately experienced a true bond with Yanks everywhere; I felt that we shared so much more than merely the gleeful bombardment of Muslim lands. I practiced yodelling
Cool wheelchairs! You gotta love any company that would name one of its chairs Spazz... or, um, maybe not. Are any monkeys out there wheelchair junkies? Whaddya think of these designs?
Curious George: Superbowl Sunday? First trip to NYC, arriving on Saturday night and wanting to dive headlong into US culture (jetlag permitting). more inside
Graffiti creator (Flash)
Monkeys pay to see female monkey bottoms My favorite quote: The scientists actually had to pay these guys, in the form of extra juice, to get them to look at images of lower-ranking monkeys.
Ask a Nineteenth-Century Whaling Expert. The academic bloggers at Crooked Timber explode the liberal myths that support the whaling ban and solve perplexing relationship issues along the way.
Curious George: Bored kitty. My sweet, sweet kitty is very, very bored [MI-aow].
Curious George: Chicago Jeweler? Know a good Chicago-area (accessible on public transport) jeweler? more inside
Make Mine Shoebox a video to be shown at various Hallmark coorprate meetings and events. (Quicktime) more inside
Medical George: Underweight How many here are underweight? What are your strategies and experiences in dealing with the condition? Please share your favorite resources! Websites, books, diets/supplements, clothing stores, etc. more inside
CBS News: Men Are Scum A report on tonight's CBS Evening News discussed progress toward a male birth-control pill which involves studying algae. The female reporter compared men to pond scum, and included women saying they didn't trust men to actually take such a pill. more inside