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January 28, 2005

The Prokudin-Gorskii exhibit at the Library of Congress web site shows a fascinating variety of color photographs of WWI-era Russia. Prokudin-Gorskii, the Tsar's photographer, took the photos on three glass plates to achieve the color effect, and the Library of Congress shows how the photos were digitally rendered from the glass plates. more inside
Nostril? Is that you? A fine use of ale right here... more inside
<b>Curious, George</b> Where is the best place to post something that I think my fellow Monkeys will find interesting and humorous when there is no link to go along with it? more inside
Nintendo Records
Watch all your favorite games of yesteryear beaten in record time!
Monkey learning to clean monitors Remember, oh so long ago in Internet Time (mebbe two weeks ago?) that cute kitten that cleaned your monitor for you? Well, this boy is in training to do the job too.
Monkeys will pay to look at porn Okay...which of you'se guyz has been moonlighting at Duke University?
Yatta dance Video (Windows Media File) Yatta! Yatta! Yatta! Yatta! A student just graduating! A leader of a great business! Do we ever get a lucky feeling A-with our simple leafy nakedness! Read More About it Here!,
XXX hardcore c64 games (not safe for work, obviously)
Cats and Witnesses It's not just yoga that's not a good idea, anymore.
Massive mound of coal manure burns for 3 months straight! includes the quote "crews fighting a blaze in a three-acre manure lagoon" ew, need I say more?
Quality Film Making Own a DVD of Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, Of Mice and Men, or Invasion USA? Then you got screwed. more inside
Bushes (Quicktime) People getting their bikini line waxed.
Fancy yourself as a reader of human behaviour? Try this! You are a professional responsible for the care of cuddly toys who have been abused. Cure them, and try not to have to resort to ECT! (SFW but Flash, sound, in German but with English option) more inside
Singing in the Rain, rather updated. (.mov), It's an advert, but damn it's well done. (via Media Guardian.)
What I Heard about Iraq Eliot Weinberger demonstrates the polemical power of not forgetting.
The Bunker Via Tiny Little Dots: what everyone needs in their backyard. Be the envy of all your neighbors by having the first portable bunker on the block.
Curious George: Laptop batteries. I just replaced the Li-Ion battery in my laptop, but my tech-savvy wife says I can only expect a year of life at best. Is this pretty much on target? I remember that the factory battery (HP) did flake out after 18 months. Any experiences, ideas, or authoritative links on how to avert the annual battery toss?
The religious right is getting pissed at Bush: they won't support his Social Security "reform" unless he backs their crusade against gay marriage. "We'll only help you fuck over social security if you make discrimination constitutionally legal" - that's how I'm reading this. Am I being unreasonable? via Devoter. more inside
A million lives. Links to thousands of biographies, autobiographies, memoirs, diaries, letters, narratives, oral histories and more. more inside
Ok one more time...Monkeyfilter nominated for Best Community Weblog.. they're back up..go vote