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January 27, 2005

The best of the web eBay Tomorrow archaelogists' job will be easier thanks to sites like this. They will think we were wacko, and yes, they will be right. more inside
Let me be the first to refer to them as... Moan Tones. This is, quite possibly, the 4th most awesome thing... ever.
Meet Patches, the horse (4MB .WMV, SFW)
Company adopts ultimate no smoking policy: Smoke and we'll fire you. hmmm...this could be a problem.
Night Ranger Photo Album I had no idea these guys were still around and apparently they still ROCK!!! Time to dust off the Camaro and Groom the Mullet. Sometimes I really miss bad 80's rock.!
Something savory after all the sweet links. The Hungry Tiger records lovely food creations, often with an exotic twist. You know, because you weren't already hungry enough. more inside
Comparing Apples and Oranges. See, that wasn't so hard.
Clotilde writes passionately about food. The recipes, the pictures. Ooh la la! J'ai faim! more inside
I want candy! I'd like to find the best gummy/fruit candy to give to my sweetie for Valentine's Day. more inside
GOP: Donate to get Bush past the Liberal Media After the Armstrong Williams scandal, and the Maggie Gallager scandal reg req., sorry and the GOP call for donations, came the . . um . . stories we haven't heard about yet. Darn that LibMedFi
The Secrets of Zchocolate. The "one in a million chocolate." Only $1,000 per box. But don't ask what the box looks like: "We don't publish the box image. So either you know what it looks like, or you don't know. It's not a fancy box, we're not box makers... we're chocolatiers. But each box has multiple unique identifiers to guarantee that you are receiving zhocolate and not a copy-cat."
deranged young fella makes super-KitKat (via qwghlm)
SWORDS (armed robots) could join US forces in Iraq in early 2005.
Greater Manchester Police clamp down on cod Irishry
I play and love Traditonal Irish Music [warning - sound at last link], so whilst I am aware of the Manc plod's somewhat chequered history, surely we can appluad them in their stand against the horrible crime that is Michael Flatley and his risible prancings?
The Free Library of Philadelphia is an increasinly librarian-free Library service. Due to funding cuts, the Free Library of Philadelphia will be operating 20 out of its 49 branches without librarians. Library assistants will provide lesser reference services at these branches. more inside
Curious, George: Cuba tourist traps Any monkeys been to Cuba - more specifically, to touristy Varadero? I just want to strap on a snorkel and smile at feesh all day, but there are some in the contingent who might be keen on side trips. Hot (heh) tips on economical ways to Havana, etc., gratefully accepted, and see-gar orders taken! No Monica remarks, pliz.
I'm listening to the Arcade Ambience project, and I was wondering: is there any (many) audio weblogs around? There's a million different photo weblogs (and a million different kinds), but sometimes I just want to hear the sounds of other places - buskers, sirens, arguments and noise...