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January 26, 2005

I'm listening to the Arcade Ambience project, and I was wondering: is there any (many) audio weblogs around? There's a million different photo weblogs (and a million different kinds), but sometimes I just want to hear the sounds of other places - buskers, sirens, arguments and noise...
Bookmark this for thirty years and see if they were right... check out the other Fountain of Age Galleries too.
Milky Wimpshake more inside
The Works of Charles Fort The man for whom the Fortean Times was named, he was Mulder and Scully before there were internet nerds. Particularly of interest is his Book of the Damned, a collection of facts that science is powerless to explain...or at least was, in 1919. Full text in HTML format. more inside
"I never went to school for it." Quite possibly the closest I've come to empathizing with all the women that go through with it. (QuickTime - NSF People who hate catchy beats or are too visual)
PUPPIES, PUPPIES AND MORE PUPPIES! A preview of the upcoming Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet. Woof! Short yet annoying ad runs first. Sigh.
Spurious George - So what happens if you are confronted, with the truth, small & pathetic though the truth may be, that you are an asshole? more inside
New research suggests that the Australian desert may have been created by human activity. Various ambitious proposals (pdf) have been made for greening the desert - seed the clouds, a giant egg-whisk, a transcontinental canal, a new mountain range. Perhaps the men of the trees have the answer. (Shouldn't that be people of the trees, though?) Happy Australia Day, anyway.
Irv Spence's Daily Diary In 1944, MGM animator Irv Spence kept a cartoon diary of the daily goings-on in the cartoon industry. Big world issues (this WAS 1944) keep popping up, too. Filboid Sudge blogs the diary day-by-day.
Is there anything cuter than two identical twin twelve-year-old girls who have a band together? How about if they dress in matching plaid skirts
Keep you JAYSUS of MAH Penis...ok, so this might not be worth shit, but it's def. Gutsy...particularly the Bush's daughter part. For Quicktimers and For Windowers SFW if you turn your speakers down...I think.
Order of the Stick Are you a member of the Order? A webcomic for all those who've sweatily fondled twenty sided dice.
Place the State Test your knowledge of US geography! A fun little puzzle.
Firefly Pinyinary - for all your Chinese space swearing needs. more inside
Contribute one sprite at a time.
The Ten Worst Corporations of 2004 -- The Multinational Monitor publicly shames 2004's most villainous price gougers, polluters, union-busters, dictator-coddlers, fraudsters, poisoners, deceivers, and general miscreants. via the excellent Progressive Review / Undernews. more inside
Republican Girls Are Easy It was posted by Wonkette. So it must be true.
The Striking Daughter Sayuri quicktime, PNSFW, silly, disturbing, and really quite wonderful more inside
Yoga: Not a Choice for Christians - At least not Jehovah's Witnesses. Apparently it can lead to demon posession.
Curious George: I'm Dying Should you tell a SO that you've got not too long for the world? more inside