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January 18, 2005

We love our lamb! A scandal is half-heartedly brewing over Meat and Livestock Australia's new pro-carnivore advertising campaign. For non-(and un-)Australian monkeys, the ads can be seen and heard here.
MetaFilter is stumped! Curious George: I can't access Kingdom of Loathing and it's driving me batty. more inside
<b>Curious George: Growing Up Girl</b> A friend and I are working on a resource book for young females, sort of an "owners manual" for the female body. My questions to female monkeys is, "What do you wish you had known/been told earlier?" more inside
The Gallery page of bookplates.org is just one neat page to scroll down. Oh-so civilized even when the designs are, well, not, the bookplate always seemed wondrous to me. Do you have a bookplate? If you don't, what would your design be? Anyone have links to some great ones?
Evolution and Religion is the PHD dissertation written by Bad Religion Frontman Greg Graffin. Punks Not Dead!! (it's just studying) more inside
The Bush Scandal Sheet (First Four Years remix) Clip 'n Save! (daypass required see inside for more) C'mon kids, it's fun to look a the abhorrent abuses of an Administration Gone Wild! more inside
Direct Creative conducted an experiment of sending various items through the mail. Jeff Van Bueren writes up the results on their Web site. (via BoingBoing) more inside
Write a caption for this pic! Yeah it's lame but how can you resist?
The cunning folk were white or anti-witches, people who could undo harmful magic for you. Tammy (Tamsin, Tamson) Blee (Blight) was also known as the White Witch of Helston, a seriously weird place also known for its Furry Dance Another cunner was James Murrell, and according to this (geocities) site so was Daddy Witch, though this account of her grave suggests she was a bit on the scary side...
Is copyright killing culture? Some documentarians certainly think so.
Left wing milks Bush "They’re no fans of Christianity, but the followers of Gaia have discovered a funding stream through the Faith-Based and Community Initiative of President George W. Bush." and Canada has a right wing wacko press too.
Hong Kong Skyscrapers [via]
RAWK! Just stumbled upon this huge collection of punk and indie rock videos and had to share. Enjoy.
The darkness of Kelsey Grammer. This thread on I Love Everything had me laughing my ass off. Lots of surreal speculation as to what goes on behind that mighty Grammer forehead.
The Manchurian Candidate? A new book claims to reveal evidence that the CIA, FBI and Aristotle Onassis hypnotised a Palestinian man into assassinating Robert Kennedy. more inside
The Family Circus Conspiracy
The Leonard Nimory Should Eat More Salsa Foundation welcomes you.