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January 16, 2005

Outsourcing Drive-throughs When you go through the drive-through in Missouri, the person you are talking to is in Colorado Springs who then sends a picture of you and your order back to the McDonalds. more inside
Pogmania! "The game of pogs originated in the 1920s on the Hawaiian island of Maui. There dairy workers played the game during breaks using simple milkcaps. Almost 70 years later, a Hawaiian schoolteacher reintroduced the game and mass appeal soon followed." taken from here! more inside
ESA flubs Titan landing show , probably the "worst PR disaster in the entire history of space travel", says astrophysicist Jeffrey Bell. Dr. Bell also laments The Next Five Big NASA Failures, the Mars Genesis fiasco ("the first time a real mission has copied a bad movie"), and ISS: International Space Scrapyard. Maybe he's the Andy Rooney of the space world, but he does puts forward some thought-provoking ideas.
Pongomania! Wonderfully odd and surreal sculptures.
The Tate Online archive. Interviews and performances by artists and musicians. Presently the archive holds over 100 events, representing around 350 hours of audio and video.
How to say "Death to America" in Arabic - PLUS: How to say "Death to America" in Farsi.
What's better? Japanese schoolgirl uniforms or the Episcopal Church? A hot dog toaster or Bobby Brown's mugshot? The letter E or Calista Flockhart? Now YOU decide. Warning: addictive as all hell, but probably a double. I try.
Curious George - How to Dump a "friend" Potential stalker problem. more inside
Curious George: Protesting the Inauguration Some hippies from my college are organizing a trip to Washington DC to protest Bush's inauguration Thursday. I am thinking about going, because I hate Bush and, plus, I have never been to Washington DC before. Anyway, I was wondering if any monkeys here have any advice, or also plan to attend. This will be my very first protest. Oh boy. I will so rock the 2x3 free speech zone. more inside
American Scientist wonder, 'Where are the aliens?' The Fermi Paradox questions the probability of finding intelligent extraterrestrial life. Modern science has brought us the possiblity of wormholes, extrasolar planetary detection, and time travel has not been denied. So, it is wondered not so much, "Where are they?", or even "When?", but "Already?" [more inside] more inside
201 stories by Anton Chekhov.