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January 14, 2005

Welcome to Crazyworld. First stop: killing the ugly. Want to know what a person's like just before they become a serial killer? I'm guessing...about like this.
First picture from Titan's surface. Breaking news from Saturn. Cool enough to deserve one more FPP in addition to the older one. I had to dig around to find this breaking image -- sorry that it's a bit tiny.
Curious George: What the heck are you supposed to do with a brand new car? [+] more inside
Obituaries of the Future - Nov. 11, 2009 - Busey – Gary (65) fell to his death from the top of the Bunny Lodge in Laughlin, Nevada, after a brief standoff with the Nevada police, screaming about his ferrets getting into a fracas with some weasels.
Only YOU can prevent global warming. By turning off your screensaver and adopting instead a "carbonsaver."
Clock made for the people, by the people I thought this was pretty cool. It's interesting to see what people were doing at this exact minute in days gone by. (lots of crappy carboard signs, but some very cool ones as well... plus, you can submit your very own!) via boingboing.
Northumberland Rocks! More correctly, rocks in Northumberland. With prehistoric carvings on them. Forty years worth of archived information and lots of pretty photos of the historic rock art of northern England. If you live in the area, you can even search using a map and see what rock panels are near your own home.
10 Eastern. Look at some found photos, or draw your own pictures.
Life In 2000 AD - Will it be worth living? From a 1961 edition of Weekend Magazine. And will there be Judges who ride around on big bikes? Via j-walkblog who don't think it is genuine. Plus: What 1974 thought 2003 would be like. This vision of Christmas 'in the future' genuinely comes from the Dr Who annual 1974. via me @ Nerdfilter
Kitty Squeegee
Can I clean your screen f'r ya, pal?
A study finds that sleepy doctors-in-training are as dangerous on the road as drunk drivers. Medical interns are routinely asked to work more than 24 hours in a shift (in the US and I believe the UK), and afterwards, hospitals allow interns to drive home, exhausted. Should the hospital be liable for any accidents the intern causes due to sleep deprivation? more inside
Curious George: Where is it legal for me to camp? Over spring break I plan on going camping by myself, but not the normal sort of LL Bean camping... more inside
Steve Albini has a secret stash
Curious George: Best blog font? What blog font is easiest on the eyes for you? more inside