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January 13, 2005

Curious George: Best blog font? What blog font is easiest on the eyes for you? more inside
Wal-Mart strikes back Today, Wal-Mart took out full page ads in Newspapers across the country. They're just sick of being picked on. Poor little guys. Maybe we should be nicer to them.
Grateful Dead vs Joni Mitchell Okay,not really...just file this under free music for all the deadhead/Joni fans... A different "Me and My Uncle" Deadheads know Me and My Uncle as the Grateful Dead's most-played song. It usually came in the first set, and was usually followed by Big River. It was written by John Phillips, first played by the Dead in 1966, and then played more than 600 times over the next thirty years. As you can see from the lyrics, it's your basic manly western song of gambling, drinking, and killing. What most people don't know it that it was sung a year earlier by Joni Mitchell. She was going by the name "Joan Anderson" at the time, and sang it on the CBC television show "Let's Sing Out" on October 4, 1965. The combo of the sweet voice and the macho lyrics is wonderful.
Blinkx TV is a Search Engine for TV. It's "the first Search engine that allows users to search TV across news, sports, and entertainment programming. Just type in a query and go staright to relevant TV clips." SO I tried the obvious with Monkey and then tried a little WMD
From the "Why Didn't They Have These When I Was a Kid" department : Go to the emergency room in style (links to video on this page).
cue musical flourish aaaaand... YET ANOTHER LA MoFi MEETUP! 2wo, in fact... more inside
US Judge orders removal of anti-evolution stickers This will probably be posted all over the place, and may not be new to some of you, but hey this made my day. No more anti-evolution stickers in Cobb County, GA. more inside
Get ready for two of the strangest hours in the history of space exploration. On Jan 14, the Huygens probe will parachute through the atmosphere of Jupiter's moon, Titan. more inside
After you have learned the exciting concepts of eyebrow design principles, you are invited to take the Master Eyebrow Designer test. Upon demonstrating your mastery of the principles, you will be awarded your MASTER EYEBROW DESIGN SPECIALIST certification.
What the hell is happening at McMurdo? - The US base at McMurdo in Antarctica has been undergoing dramatic evacuation procedures of all personel assisted by the Russians, largely ignored by world media. What the fuck is actually happening? more inside
Curious George: sorry for the double post! ^_^ . Anyway, I'm not sure if my friends are playing dumb, or if it's really that hard a question, but they never seem to be able to answer quickly or once... The question: do you guys have one single word in the English language that stands out as your favourite? It can be only *ONE* word.
The Youngblood Brass Band I first heard them on NPR and was knocked out by their funky horn sound.more here and .mp3's avail on the website. Hope you enjoy this funky hip-hop jazz brass ensemble from Madison, WI.
GOD will save you! and to prove it, we're gonna stick THIS needle in your eye! *squirt* "o damn it, I hate it when that happens" ************************* Well, we know it kills (see islamic extremists) but does it heal?...faith, that is. Faith.
An international catalogue of superheroes more inside
Ladies and Gentlemen and Cross-Gendered I give you Angel Monkey. more inside
Rise to vote sir! And possibly possibly the longest palindrome ever.
Query Letters I love is a blog devoted to queries that some guy in Hollywood has received.
Interesting piece on 60 Minutes tonight. A story about Intravenous hydrogen peroxide [three links] therapy and a doctor who administered the treatment to a patient who ended up dying, and has been charged with murder as a result. more inside
Monkey Gone To Heaven If man is 5 If man is 5 If man is 5 Then the devil is 6 Then the devil is 6 Then the devil is 6 Then the devil is 6 And if the devil is six Then god is 7 Then god is 7 Then god is 7 The video to this Pixies classic is in quicktime.
Jerry Garcia - great musician AND music instructor. I love reading new stories about people I've heard so much about before. It's the hidden stuff that lies beneath the overt image that fascinates me. For anyone who loves the Grateful Dead this is a neat look back at a time before anyone knew who the Grateful Dead were, when the band members themselves had no idea what they would become.