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January 12, 2005

US gives up search for WMD in Iraq ... Um. Wasn't this why we went to war? More inside ... more inside
Aiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! (embedded .WMV, SFW, more inside) more inside
The Full Page Project is a web-based initiative to educate America about the facts in the marriage debate, with eyes towards fighting the proposed amendment. And part of the plan is full page ads in local and national papers. more inside
Digital Camera Vs. Wonder of the World So I dropped my Canon PowerShot A80... needless to say the monument won. more inside
Transplantation of monkey embryonic stem cells reverses Parkinson disease in primates. [Via FuturePundit.]
Atlanta monkeys ahoy! I'm going to be trying out for Jeopardy in Atlanta at 2:30 PM, February 11th. Would anybody be up for doing coffee during the evening of Feb. 11th or 12th? It'd have to be coffee, as I am not of legal drinking age. And if I could perchance find a mofite who could put me up on the night of the 12th I'd be even happier. (this crossposted in the grey)
Oil is not welcome in Iceland anymore... and poises the nation to be the first in the world to create a hydrogen based economy. This is great really. The little nation is putting its money where its mouth is, unlike many other, far bigger/richer nations. (*cough* US *cough*) Kudos to Iceland.
Goodbye, Widget. If you'll permit me a personal note, I just wanted to let my monkeyfriends know that I helped my beloved Widget the dog die last night. She'd herniated another disc in her back and was in a lot of pain. That link is our final portrait together; here's more on my sweet, silly friend, my first dog, whom I'll never forget.
Batman's Anniversary! The TV series turns 39 today! ABC broadcast episode one, "Hi Diddle Riddle," on January 12, 1966! Celebratory Bat-Links: Bat-Quotes! The Best-Looking Bat-Site! A Bat-Episode Guide! A Fab Argentine Bat-Site! The '66 Batmobile! Batman's Traps! More inside! more inside
Zookeeper (Flash puzzle game)
World Wide Threats To Shipping
"People are to be tortured in laboratories at Oxford University in a United States-funded experiment to determine whether belief in God is effective in relieving pain."
This landslide is from 1995. This landslide was on Monday. Both images are of the hamlet of La Conchita, Calif., where 27 are now missing (CTV) in a tragic carbon-copy disaster. The media has drawn out the story of the torrential rains, but the LA Times [LA Times, possible subscription] has painted out a troublesome pattern of apathy and man-made causes leading up to Monday's repeat disaster. I'm reminded vaguely of Love Canal.
Greg Palast is angry again. ("CBS' cowardice and conflicts behind purge: Network's craven back-down on Bush draft dodge report sure to get a standing Rove-ation at White House," 11 November 2005.)
Dogs and monkeys trained to herd sheep Title pretty much says it all.