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January 10, 2005

Did Morrissey's lyrics predict Princess Diana's death? Yet another candidate for the "Magnificent Obsessions" file.
What's on Dubya's 'pod? (scroll thumbnails to the cycling pictures) Now that's a playlist I'm curious about.... and I know some iPod owners that will cry at the thought of him fondling some Jobstech...
MoFi T Shirt Orders Ok kids, the voting's over and it looks like this design won. I've volunteered to get prices on getting them printed up here in California, but will need to get an idea of how many and in what sizes before I can get real numbers. Depending on the size of the run, real silk screened shirts can cost anywhere from 25 to 7 dollars a piece, so a real accounting of pre-orders is critical. It appears that Tracy will try to make it as easy as possible for you to pay (paypal, credit card, checks and money orders, etc...) so now it's time to walk the walk... Who's really gonna order one (or two, or three)? PS-Remember to give the sizes that you want as well.
MONKEY!! Oh boy, let nostalgia reign. Growing up in Australia, many many evenings were spent watching Monkey on the ABC. That's the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, not the USian ABC. more inside
The Radio Jingle is Dead. Long live the Jingle! more inside
Curious, George: Wireless Booster Do any of you Monkeys know of a good wireless booster-type thing? I don't want to boost an existing network, but rather increase my PowerBook's wireless range so I can pick up my buddy's nextwork from down the street.
NobbyNobody only has three pictures up in his ballpointpen art gallery but they're impressive! more inside
Curious Chy: Where's Moneyjane? - Last time I saw Monejane post was.. uh.. I think before New Year. I sent her a NY email message, & the delayed reply was a little downbeat, without wanting to expose private shit (not that there's anything to expose). Plus I lost the link to her blog. I dig Moneyjane & enjoy her writings, think she's a vibrant chick. Let's send out a big monkey hoot to tell her we love her? I miss her & let's get her back.
Qu'est-ce que the hell? Lessons in Franglais. Here you will learn how to speak French like a true Montreal native.... Includes phrases for such amusing situations as meeting people in Montreal, discussing hockey, protesting the strip bars, looking for love online, and even explains Canadian holidays.
New Voices is a pioneering program to seed innovative citizen media ventures around the country. Its Web Site launched today, and it is now accepting its first round of grant proposals. New Voices will help fund the start-up of 20 hyperlocal news ventures over the next two years and support them with an educational Web site. Each project may receive as much as $17,000 in grants. This is for the monkey who wanted to launch a new media project; I couldn't find his/her FPP in the archives and thought this might be of general interest!
The Maldon Mud Race. I've never been stupid enough to try this. more inside
Israeli McDonald's Pulp Fiction 'McShuarma' commercial (download) Now, people, I hate McDonalds, because I think the food sucks. But I grokk this Pulp Fiction spoof, cos it's good. Download from the link provided above, click here to watch it. Dead-on Jackson & Travolta impersonations. .MPG format. more inside
Salvia divinorum What is salvia divinorum? more inside
del.icio.us George Just signed up and am being very thick. The 'add a simple bookmarklet to your browser' part is beyond me. [MI] more inside
The Manuary Project "My new years reolution is that I am going to get fucked. 2004 was the driest year my pussy has ever known and I am not happy. My Magic Wand broke in November and I am through grinding my crotch against pillows. I want dick. I don't care if it's big, small, black or red as long as it's hard." more inside
Curious George: BitTorrent Machinations Do undercover officers really have to reveal their idenity if they're asked to? Could a torrent site that's closed to new members and who's tracker isn't visible to non-members simply ask everyone on the site if they are narks or not?
Harry Stephen Keeler "a writer reputed to be so bad he's good." more inside
Curious, George: Dealing with depression Calling all monkey's who've dealt closely with someone (or firsthand) suffering some form of depression, lets have a chat more inside
Is there really an "al-Qaeda"? An article in the latest New York Review of Books, "The Truth About Terrorism" By Jonathan Raban.
Punkettes Poker. Well, greasy_skillet, I see your Women of 1970s punk and raise you one Women in UK punk 1976-1979.