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January 05, 2005

Dude! Duuude...Awww
Curious George: high mobility from laptop / notebook I'm wondering if the Monkeys have any suggestions for a high-end laptop / notebook with excellent 'use-it-any-damn-where-you-like-pal' features? more inside
Dialecticly/Phonetically Challenged? Check out these flash charts of any orally producable part of speech imaginable! more inside
The Old Farmer's Almanac I was intrigued by the calendar marking special "red letter" days - there are a few of them right off the bat here in 2005 . . . Also i hear it's good for predicting eclipses, should you ever get thrown back in time and captured by angry natives. more inside
The iBod: Portable pics for your iPod (Potentially NSFW, mentions the bunny rabbit pr0n company) more inside
Meet Pontifex vonHummer, musician, lobster headgear aficionado, and host of The vonHummer Hour. "Describing the vonHummer Hour is like performing a strip tease for a roomful of blind eunuchs: it's not a total waste of time, but it might as well be." You can listen to the theme song, the songs of the month, or catch clips of the show on the downloads page. Live in or near Portland, OR? Watch the show. Better yet, come see vonHummer live on February 5th. more inside
First National Kettlebell Competition. In Vegas, baby. Featuring Best Paint-Your-Own Kettlebell (don't forget, must be a Dragon Door manufactured kettlebell), Best Kettlebell Desissification Story, The US Secret Service Kettlebell Snatch 10-Minute Gut Check ("When You Only Have 10 Minutes, a Few Good Snatches will Do Ya
As if Google wasn't awesome enough... As if Google wasn't awesome enough - now it provides voyeurism! eheh Search Google with this string: inurl:"MultiCameraFrame?Mode=" You'll find hundreds and hundreds of "unsecured" webcams, many of which are security cameras. You can control a lot of them, too. (snagged from several places)
Buddhist monks use art to teach compassion about HIV/AIDS. Laotion monks have developed a series of posters aimed at spreading love and compassion for people living with HIV and AIDS, while addressing the stigma and discrimination surrounding the disease. more inside
So you want to mow through a sea of zombies? You'll need a suitable controller. more inside
Skate or Die: Finger Style.
Six Apart, parent company of Movable Type and TypePad, are buying LiveJournal. Five point five million LJers will be forced to spellcheck before publishing (if only). more inside
Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers I'm Irish and love my cats but this just does not seem good...
Vote for the MoFi Shirt, MoFo's!!! Now that we all have the holidays out of our hair, I would like to remind you all of the t shirt competition again. We got all the designs in, so click on the link above and make your vote for your favorite t shirt. Once we figger out what design we all like, we'll order a bunch and perhaps the sales will help Tracicle keep this mad house running.
Edge's 2005 Question: What do you believe is true even though you cannot prove it? (seen on that ...other site).