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December 28, 2004

Curious George My wife, who grew up in Kansas City, uses "Sugarfoot" as an endearment. What endearments did you grow up with, or make up for your current family? more inside
Send the Red Cross money more inside
Curious George I comment a bit, but post very little. So what would make a post absolutely awful? Descriptions? Examples? Or is this post the new standard bearer? more inside
The Official Ninja Webpage My name is Robert and I can't stop thinking about ninjas.
The Anti Bush Video Game Due to the extreme time-wasting opportunities, and some sections, NSFW. Flash. Very intricate. more inside
Susan Sontag Dead at 71 Love her or hate her, Ms. Sontag contributed tremendously to the intellectual discourse of the 20th century.
Poove Penguins - Japanese researchers have found several penguins living a rather lavendar lifestyle. They're wooly-woofters. Friends of Dorothy. Camp as a row of tents. Limp-wristed caricatures. Benders. Shirt-lifters. They're gay penguins. And there's nothing wrong with that.
Ever been hypnotized? "On January 8th, across the USA, hypnotists in cities around the country will open your eyes and your mind. Wake Up America! will be the largest mass hypnosis event in the world."
Modern Ruins Photographic Essays - Images of ruins, broken places, old industrial areas, haunting halls, forts & the like.
You may be a spammer and not even know it.
Wallpaper from the 1970's
Hi! I'm Sally, and I'm Johnny! We are well-liked by Black people so we're psyched (since lots of Black people don't like lots of White people)!! We thought it'd be cool to honor our exceptional status with a ROCKIN' domain name and a killer website!!
A bit about the culturally accepted presence of elves in Iceland.