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December 27, 2004

Kyle Maynard, wrestler, male model -- congenital amputee. Anyone else see this guy on Larry King Live the other night? Impressive. But the way he kept asking for someone, anyone, to provide him with a modified SUV (specifically an SUV, to be cool) he could drive made me uncomfortable. And that Web site may as well be called Kyle-a-Palooza. Is this a great way to inspire others, or is he making money off his physical differences?
The FDA has approved a study to investigate whether the drug Ecstacy has the power to alleviate the anxiety related to death in terminally ill patients. [Washington Post subscription.][Bugmenot: infoshop@infoshop.org ; infoshop]
Curious George: Mementos What inanimate object do you possess that has the most sentimental value for you? more inside
The worst, most disgusting action figures, ever - please don't click this link. These are the most foul, awful Anime resin assembly figures ever created. It's Plastic Jap Scat, folks. Gross, weird, but undeniably .. uh.. superlatives escape me. Definitely NSFW, not safe for kids, not safe for the easily offended. Not safe for BlueHorse. more inside
The Earthquake Machine. Loved by cults everywhere. Where's me tinfoil? Arrrr.
CURIOUS GEORGE: I need to buy a new office chair for my computer station as my back is beginning to hurt ALL THE TIME. I spend as many as eight hours a day in front of th' computer. Recommend me a good chair to be ordered online (and delivered!) for under three hundred bucks that will make me forever happy and I'll hook you up with some music of your choice.
Fart bar? Whether your nuts are big or tender a fart bar tends to be a horny remover. Weird products.
MoFi sorta meetup?! we are having an impromptu los angeles get-together as we speak...type...whateva! more inside
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