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December 18, 2004

Soldiers Back From Iraq With Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder More more inside
Curious George: QuickTime Problem Any audio files I try to play with quicktime on my Windows XP box dont work. They sound weirdly ju, ju, ju, ju, jerky and echoy. Ive tried uninstalling and reinstalling to no avail. Any ideas how to fix this? (This has been going for a while, but has only become an issue now that we are an ipod family.)
A tragedy in the fungi world.
Planes landing in Amsterdam Will Have to Follow New Approach Rules Since Amsterdam's Schiphol International Airport has closed one of three of its largest runways, large commercial airliners are asked to revert to a flying pattern not used since 1968. This has caused confusion, and in at least one case the misuse of traditional navigational pathways involving a KLM 747 coming in from Germany.
The Greek Dark Age remains a mystery. Between 1100 to 800 BC, the written record in Greece ceased altogether. Urban culture was decimated, and art reverted to a more primitive form of simple geometrics. Civilization reverted to a basic subsistence lifestyle. What happened? Nobody's really sure, but many theories abound. Get the quick and dirty with this great kids writeup. Even the controversial author Velikovsky wrote a treatise on the subject.
Curious George: Favorite Meat Methods? So I got a bunch of steaks for Xmas, and I'm wondering what monkeys recommend for methods of cooking big hunks of meat. Not those hunks, these hunks. more inside
Vin Diesel Teaches Breakdancing I love it when a star's past comes back to haunt them! (via digg.com)
unfortunate chistmas cards "Why did someone make these cards in the first place?" (via Sugar 'n Spicy)
Abraham Lincoln was Gay - a woolly woofter. more inside
Evil Nine - "Crooked" - FLASH Via Screenhead
Rumors abound that a DC MeFi Meetup is in the works. Any monkeys want to crash the party?
<b>BiCurious, George?</b> So, um, just wondering and all...are there any, um, gay monkeys out there? more inside
Henry Lim made a working harpsichord from Legos. There's even an (admittedly painful) MP3 that proves it works. He also has other Lego sculptures on his site, but none of them are as cool as the harpsichord.