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December 15, 2004

Pierced Eyeglasses more inside
THE ILLUSTRATED GEORGE Art software for a possibly talented teenager. more inside
Krankie hurt in fall from beanstalk can only mean that it's Panto season again. Sir Ian McClellan is playing Widow Twanky in Kevin Spacey's Aladdin from this Friday. But it's not just those upstarts: every city in Britain has one, and it's a tradition with much history and wonder. Can Christmas be Christmas without some good old-fashioned cross-dressing and double entendre for the whole family? Is this stuff only found in the UK? It's behind me, boys and girls?
Japanese men can now rest in the lap of a sexy...foam pillow. I'm not sure what to make out of this, but it's a sure nod to the creative spirit of the Japanese.
It's Like Christmas 1998 All Over Again If you're not busy between 1900 and 2200 hours Mountain Time (-7 GMT), you can turn this guy's Christmas tree lights on and off via his webcam. It's a shame to let such holiday traditions fade away, don't you think? It makes me so nostalgic for those simpler, happier days online.
The Power Nap Pillow. Please remember that we are not responsible if you should oversleep while napping and get fired.
The Notebooks of Linus Pauling. more inside
A project in Hong Kong to develop civil society I couldn't help but want to pass this little blog on to the rest of the world. more inside
Consider the Eel Cuz what the hell else are you going to eat?
Jesus in Japan. "When Jesus Christ was 21 years old he came to Japan to pursue knowledge of divinity for 12 years." more inside
Give Me a Weapon of Mass Affection A song from the boy band, Boy O Boy. [quicktime] yanked from the blue
Poolitics is the world's first and only pari-mutuel blog — a place where ideologues of all stripes and colors can put their money where their mouth is by entering real-money predictive contests (Pools).
Rally for recording artists Knitting Factory
A lot of musicians are upset with the famous New York club for not paying the artists, refusing to return master tapes and destroying cd's. They used to be so great.
Curious George: Streaming Video What is a good freeware utility for capturing streaming video? more inside
Tallest highway bridge in the world, and 15 years in the making, the Millau Viaduct opens tomorrow. It crosses the Tarn River valley at a deck height of 807 ft (246 m), more or less, depending on your source for the numbers. The towers have a height of 1,118 ft (341 m). The press has posted their typical microscopic photos for the plebes, so I tried digging around for better pix: 1, 2, 3, 4. Any better/newer ones?
Hand-to-hand combat with zombies. The Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency gives some useful tips for self-defense against zombies and vampires.