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December 14, 2004

Curious George: Wisdom Teeth On the 22nd of December, I will have the delightful experience of getting my wisdom teeth removed. Is there any way I could be eating Christmas dinner by the 25th? How can I make healing fast and smooth?
Home Sweet Home? Ever since my little fascination with Buckminster Fuller a week or so back, I've been obsessed with modular housing. Quenching my curiosity has led me down some wonderful and strange paths but the overwhelming conclusion is how popular modular housing is becoming as a concept amongst young architect firms. more inside
Shamings Does this sort of thing happen outside of college? Although I've known some serious alcoholics, I've never been witness to these sorts of shenanigans. more inside
Bob Gruen, Rock and Roll Photographer fun distraction. psst Nosey - he's got Zaaaaaaappaaaaa
Tramp O Claus - it's FLASH, it's rude, & it's very funny. WARNING: contains bad words.
Man Bites Dog Man gets arrested.
Walkman Racing - Old walkmen find new life in Germany's second annual "Recorder Race." Photos here.
Everything you ever wanted to know about viking funerals. But why let the vikings have all the fun? You too can hold a viking funeral to honor your departed family and friends. Or, if there's no brave departed warrior available, you can substitute loyal inanimate objects. And may I also suggest some thematically appropriate music for the event? more inside
Curious George: Where's the best place to raise a family?
a. Urbs b. Suburbs c. Rural areas More importantly, why? more inside
Curious George: Stupid Kitty! Don't mean to be a broken record with the "What's the dumbest thing.... theme," but my cat scared the crap out of me this weekend with his stupidity. more inside
Customized M&M's! "Now you can print your very own messages on M&M'S
Is Google the next library? It would appear that they're trying. I personally think this is great, although there is still something to be said for actually curling up in front of a fire to a nice copy of Fahrenheit 451 or something (especially here in the Pac. NW where it rains every once in a while). more inside
In Defense of Adequacy: Klosterman @ Spin lists ten bands who are neither overrated, nor underrated, but just-right-rated. In these hyperbolic, polarized, diametric days, what's remains 'just right' anymore? more inside
Playable Parody of King's Quest - called Peasant's Quest. Your objectives are to dress like a peasant, smell like a peasant, and be on fire like a peasant. Requires FLASH. From the people who brought you Homestar Runner which I despise. Via Nerdfilter
Godchecker.com - do you like gods? So do me! This is a guide to pantheons, mythologicals, deities & religions of the world. Plus, it has an oracle! (guess what I asked it) If you like that, you may also enjoy God of the Month Club. This month's god is Juturna. She got back, yo. Via Cynical-C.
A monowheel is one big wheel with rider and engine (if any) INSIDE its circumference. Seen at the museum of retrotech.
"The Monkey Represents SHARING."
Memeorandum Came upon this site today and found it quite worthy for being my homepage. The Headline News is displayed and directly below is snippets of several blogs accounts of that news. more inside
Eddie van Halen saw this and started spinning ...so they just decided it was time to bury him. Kaki King plays guitar like acid played Syd Barrett.
Rutgers Scientists Take Big Step Towards Stopping HIV Maybe it's too early to say, but this still looks pretty promising.