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December 13, 2004

20 Questions A.I. style. Think of an object, answer the questions posed by the computer and see how long it takes it to identify what you're thinking. (via The Blue)
What's this song? This is pretty cool. I'm surprised how many songs from my "favorite" bands I don't know. *Use the "Create own game in seconds" field on the upper right hand corner, as the default is random.
Behold, the Puppy Purse. It "minimizes the stresses on your body while maximizing your ability to interact with your dog or cat." BUT WAIT! You can also... "wear it like a shoulder bag or fanny pack, carry it like a purse, or use the straps as a leash."
Watch the Monkey DISSOLVE - a QUICKTIME movie of a monkey carcass rotting, er, well, stripped of it's compenent parts, and sort of tumbling away. Don't worry, it's not that horrible. Obviously you will need Quicktime to watch this. Duh. more inside
High Desert Meetup There was some mention earlier of getting a meetup together when I visit Joshua Tree come January [mi] more inside
A2/Detroit MoFi Meetup This Saturday, Dec 18th, starting at 2pm at the Arbor Brewing Company. more inside
Skeletal structures are not the easiest thing to draw. As an art student myself, I've found that drawing the bone structure and THEN the character is much much easier. What is done here is brilliant. more inside
Haugesund to Trondheim, the long way round. Ask Microsoft's Mappoint route-finding service to plan the quickest route from Haugesund, in Norway, to Trondheim, also in Norway, and it suggests a forty-seven-and-a-half hour drive-athon involving a ferry to England, the Channel Tunnel to France, and an overland trek on through Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and Sweden before getting back into Norway. more inside
Guy spazzes out on "The Price is Right" I guess it's a put on, but it's funny nevertheless.
Fatboy Slim in three and a bit minutes performed by kittens! Oh, yes - it's real alright. This is an actual Fatboy Slim video. (for the new single 'The Joker') And it has kittens. And ducks. And trolley cars. But mostly kittens. Oh my gosh, so many kittens. more inside
Scientists claim to have found a way to please everyone in the stem-cell research debate by making embryos that cannot develop into human beings.
Curious George: free or cheap web hosting any recommendations? more inside
The Battle for America
Regulators... mount up.
Antony Flew, "negative atheist," responds to Internet rumors that he's found God. Follow-up to this MoFi thread.
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy soon available in convenient movie form! With Mos Def and John Malkovich. Self-interview by the screenwriter (not Douglas Adams). more inside
Earl M. Washington prints have been showing up at auction houses all over the country. more inside