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December 08, 2004

Puppet Porn The previously deleted hot puppet-on-puppet sex scene from "Team America: World Police" has surfaced. NSFW in a puppet kind of way, but pretty much not in any other way.
Christmas is coming and everybody needs one of these. more inside
Nineteenth Century Images of Albinism
Curious George: Supermarket poppies. For a couple of years now I've been reading about the U.S.'s efforts to throw $750 million at shutting down Afghanistani poppy fields. But thousands of tons of poppy seeds are found nationwide in supermarkets and bagel shops. Where do they come from? And why aren't they being cultivated for narcotics? Is McCormick behind the overthrow of Afghanistan?
And the angel Gabriel Kylie said unto Mary Posh: My goodness, but this is the tackiest Nativity Scene I've ever come across. Madame Tussauds dress the Beckhams as Mary and Joseph in their Christmas display, which, according to the Vatican, may well be blasphemous. more inside
H-wing Carfighter. This truly takes Star Wars Geekery to a new level. Though it is a really bad ride. What I didn't know was that this was a pretty common thing. Road Squadron Form Up!! Road Squadron Form Up!!
The gorilla wake. Primates fascinate me. more inside
She says she's sorry. Rachel Buchman, radio reporter, decided to fight back when she got tired of receiving spam mail to her hotmail account. Only...when she left her voice mail message to the spammer, she left her name and phone number. Did she deserve to lose her job? The MP3 file of her message is online at laptoplobbyist.com.
Weegee the Famous
Your friends may be unpaid marketing shills. (NY Times link; couldn't get the blog version, sorry) I thought this link would be interesting given how many Curious, George posts there are. It raised a number of questions for me: more inside
The Mood Cross. Remember mood rings? Now, on this pendant, "the image of Jesus will slowly appear, symbolizing that Jesus is with us when we keep him close to our hearts." Makes an "excellent Christian gift," available in gold or silver.
Thanks a lot guys. Part of me is upset I didn't think of it first. Part of me is upset because most of the world uses American to represent both USAians and Canadians. (Why not Mexicans too?) But is this taking it too far?
Have you moshed enough this year?
Monkeys visualizing led to language Researchers at Bethesda NIMH found that monkeys react to screams and calls by "lighting up" the part of the brain associated with image and action. The paper appeared in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science (needs costly subscription), abstract here, and it is speculated that this might explain the appearance of language in humans, or, as these scientists say, "neural substrate for representing object concepts." So, alarm calls are precursors for language. Nifty.
The Opening Chord to "A Hard Day's Night" Revealed! "The opening chord to “A Hard Day’s Night” is one of the most memorable in rock history. . . But what exactly was that mysterious chord? . . . A type of mathematics called Fourier Transforms can be used to reconstruct the original frequencies from a list of numbers . . " Ya know, I never would have guessed that particular arrangement. Warning: Beatle geekery inside! more inside
Notes from the road. Travel - great pictures, great writing.
Acquire P-Ray Vision ! It may take some practice to develop the ability to perceive Haidinger's brush... but once you've got the hang of it, you'll be seeing the sky in a whole new light.
Um, as some of you may or may not know, my brother is in the army and stationed in Iraq. He's a tanker and has been in all the worst areas, Baghdad, Fallujah, and tons of other places he isn't allowed to tell me about. While I do not support the war in any way, I want my brother to make it back safe. I'm sending him a huge care package tomorrow late afternoon. It includes a ton of food, a few presents, and some music that he has probably never heard before in his life. I'm sending 5 minidiscs. 4 are filled with songs and the 5th one I plan to fill with good wishes from people I know as well as strangers. If you have a few moments tonight and want to contribute to this little project, please record a short message in mp3 or .wav or .aiff or whatever on your computer
Controlling devices by thought alone is now within reach Researchers have made significant progress in the quest to have people control electronic devices by thought power. more inside
Herb Rabbit. Those wacky Chinese toy makers. What exactly are you supposed to do with this thing? Poor liddle rabbit... I eat your herby brains for health! Ok, so you don't like the rabbit. How about one of these , or this and what the heck is this ?