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December 07, 2004

Childhood Torture in Uganda. Alex Tien was just 11-years-old when he was abducted. . . . [H]is initiation involved being forced to hack a man to death and drink his blood -- a rebel tactic to brainwash, brutalise and dehumanise those they capture. Caution: Unpleasant photos inside. more inside
a thread about transcending pain? Recently I returned to Charleston, South Carolina, picked up the more inside
Uh, guys, it's a film. These are, and I know it's a long word, charicatures. Actually, that's kinda patronising I know. (Patronising, my that's a long word too isn't it. Or do I mean condescending? Whatever.) This stuff just annoys me on many many levels though. more inside
50 Greatest Movie Deaths kill kill die die.
Curious George: Ever seen a UFO? Curious George: We've had posts on ghosts and strange streaks in the sky. We've told our ghost stories. What about our UFO stories? Have you ever seen an unidentified flying object? more inside
Tromping through wet and cold Prague , Dreams, the Terry Gilliam fan site extraordinaire, takes us into the head of the director once again. Plagued by disasters both seemingly from above and then also from below, Gilliam has finally got his feet back on the ground with not just the Brothers Grimm but also the upcoming Tideland. more inside
Curious George: Digital Scrapbooking... I've got a friend who's interested in some kind of computer-based scrapbooking. Googling has only served to confuse me, since I know nothing about scrapbooking myself. more inside
Super Xuxa vs. Satan Seriously. more inside
KatWALLks. A Walk On The Wall Side
International team uses aerial surveys to help track orangutans in Malaysia. Their report is in PLoS Biology, which looks like a nifty resource.
A strange streak was captured on film in Australia. I was all set to call it a film imperfection until I noticed the flash. What is it?
Ultimate housing failure (images). In 1956, 2870 apartments rose skyward in St. Louis. It was hailed as an incredibly forward-thinking model of public housing, and was Minoru Yamasaki's first big design before he moved on to create the WTC. Few could have guessed that the complex would become a dystopia that would result in its demolition 16 years later. Practically nothing is left of the site. Some called it a failed attempt to being NYC sociology to the Midwest, others called it a "disgraced monument to Bauhaus idealism".
Curious George: Online Newsreaders? Kottke's latest post reminded me that I need a newsreader for RSS feeds. I would prefer an online www-based one so I could set it up once and access it from home and work. more inside
Have a banana. Have another. A random generator of stylesheets. Some are interesting, others...well. more inside
Santa Claus - one of the FBI's Ten Most Wanted Fugitives.
Monkey Fruit Munching A monkey sits in offers and sips a can of coke in Lopburi, Thailand, Sunday Nov,28, 2004 during Monkey festival. Hooray! Lots of our furry siblings making with the monkey magic!
lambert, Hendricks & Rossish Curious George I’m designing a play and there is a reference that a google search only returns my question back at me. more inside
I clawed out my eyes, but I can still see! "FOR THE MAN who loves the feel of lycra spandex on his body." Never has so much been presented less pleasingly. [via jwz]
John Coltrane's composition "Giant Steps" forms both a ditone and quadratone progression between the key centers of B, Eb and G. Uh, right. Don't know nothing about Jazz but when you play this little animation, you can see there's some wicked structure underneath it all. (via Waxy)
God knows I love car culture. Except for the part where NO. A celebration of ricey cars.