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December 06, 2004

Curious, George: Cats and vision loss I am getting two cats on Saturday. One of them has had a pretty rough life - due to acid being poured in her eyes when she was an 8 week old kitten, she is missing one eye and the other is cloudy but can see. But how will I know if it gets worse? more inside
Can't be Gay in the Military.... 12 servicemen/women have been discharged from the military because, in once case a lesbian told her C.O. she was gay, and in another one, a serviceman was seen holding another man's hand. I've tried to stay out of this debate, but now that the U.S. army is so short on soldiers that tours of duty are being extended (and, for some, not happily), I think it's simply ridiculous. more inside
Curious George: Help me wire my house for sound. I am a boring middle-aged professional type who has slowly fallen out of the habit of listening to music, and I want to reverse this life-denying trend! [+]
"...and discover that the latest images of the stars confirm an all powerful Creator, not a random bang!" The Creation Museum. Look at all those lovely dinosaurs... lovely. Via those BoingBoing heathens. more inside
Bloody Hell! (skating .mov link via Bifurcated Rivets
Curious, George: Beer Labels I'm collecting the wonderful beer bottle labels I am finding on all these wonderful new microbrews that are appearing in my remote neck of the woods. Does anyone have a method of removing them from the bottle that is better than soaking?
Japanese Know-How. While in some countries sex education consists of telling people condoms can't help with AIDS, or that it's spread by sweat and other casual contact, Japan in the 1950s was puliblishing how-to manuals starting at the proper hand holding to more, uh, advanced techniques. [NSFW] more inside
Language, music, and animals. Huzzah! more inside
The Finnish Men's Shouting Choir (Mieskuoro Huutajat) Like a cross between Laibach and Monty Python, they consist of about 30 or so men who shout deconstructed arrangements of traditional Finnish songs, children's songs, the anthems of other countries, and, now, legal proceedings or trade agreements. To see God, close your eyes and check out their version of the Star-Spangled Banner. (once more, via WFMU, "Where dead air lives")
An Eagle-Eye View of the World Dr. Evil: You know, I have one simple request, and that is to have sharks eagles with frickin' laser beams wireless video cameras attached to their heads! Very cool footage!
Monkey Day is almost Here!! "Monkey Day is an annual celebration of all things simian, a festival of aping, a chance to scream like a chimp and throw feces at whomever you choose. Or perhaps just a reason to hang out with your friends while grunting and picking fleas off each other." Monkey Day is December 14!!! Time to Stock up on my Monkey Day Products. This will make a nice gift gift for the wife.
D-I-Y Conflict Resolution (nsfw) Is fighting for peace like fucking for virginity? Well, here's the solution.
Bootmixed: best example of a mashup I've heard to date - ala DJ Matt Hite.
Kill Him! - Violence is the human answer to everything, yes? Or is this satire? I don't know, can you speak Norwegian? more inside
Footh-in mouth-award 2004 Today the annual footh-in-mouth-award was awarded by the plain english campaign. The winning sentence was "I could not fail to disagree with you less." Check the site for some other gems of er.. interesting use of language..
We're taking over the world So what do all the monkeys listen to to make them feel invincible? [MI] more inside
Am I to believe that there a genuine American market for erotic furry anime computer games?
Because it's dorky enough to like computers. And anime. But if you get your rocks off to 'Do You Like Horny Bunnies', 'Let's Meow Meow' or (god help us) 'Water Closet: The Forbidden Chamber'... well, maybe it's time for help. Or a Fleshlight. NSFW! Duh! Surprise!
Mandatory Health Screening for all kids This one flys in under the cover of the Omnibus Spending Bill. Bill Frist and Arlen Specter have removed language that would require parental consent for mental health screening of all kids. more inside
But I WANT to exposed to anus It's monday and I propose for the MP3 selection today we cap our various conversations of bidets and Fenlandish debauchery with some ass oriented MP3s. I was mostly inspired by my recent discovery of The Bonzo Dog Band and their song The Strain.
Monkey Rucksacks: Now that I've returned to school, I need to carry many large textbooks, notebooks, and a laptop. Because of this I have become a fan of messenger bags. Where I live Timbuk2, Zo and Chrome are the favorites, but I recently purchased this beauty and have fallen in love with it. more inside