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December 02, 2004

fly guy (flash) pretty fly. more inside
You wanna rearn leel gong-hu? Yes yes? Stumbled on this while looking for something else. Titsin Kyun means literally "Iron Thread Fist". more inside
People who Probably Need a Cock Punch. "I will list here for your discussion people who sorely need cock punches. Feel free to comment. Let's get started, shall we?" more inside
Saving Lives...Rewarding Teens...Providing Peace of Mind? With the Teen Arrive Alive program, you can purchase a decal that will allow civic-minded drivers to report on your deliquent child's driving habits, or you can splurge for the GPS program that allows real-time tracking of their location. Check out the rewards program!
Internet charges may apply MSN Spaces are up, and if you're willing to sign up for a .NET Passport you can get one too. These brave new blogs don't offer the customizability you can find elsewhere (and you'll have the MSN logo at the top of your screen) but there are some nice integrated features for moblogging and instant message blogging.
Lilliput Play Homes. Now THESE are children's playhouses! Here's one: "Owned by an NFL player, this replica sits atop a hill overlooking a tennis court. A bay window and window seat allow the occupant to view the tennis matches. Other features include French doors and round interior columns."
Free Flights? Samsung are offering free flights to ten destinations in Europe. more inside
Free Fiona? I'm not a Fiona Apple fan, but the two songs (scroll to Tuesday, November 23) leaked off the shelved Extraordinary Machine are interesting, sounding rather retro in instrumentation and construction. Given the current pop-musical climate in which it sounds like the use of traditional (or traditionalesque) instruments with solo vocalists is out of style, I'd like to hear other opinions of these songs. Should Machine stay shelved?
Curious George: Yodelling Music Blogs I like Yodels. I think it's beautiful to hear what some people can manage to do with their voice box. more inside
"This page contains students' drawings about the human body."
I'm a sucker for this kind of stuff. via BLORT.
Busted! What's the goofiest thing you've accidently busted somebody for? more inside
It's hitting the fan Jason and Jeremy Giambi have admitted to using banned steroids given to them by Greg Anderson, an employee of BALCO and Barry Bonds' personal trainer. Still, no one has gone on record saying Barry uses them, but his achievements at his age coupled with these admissions are becoming more and more suspect. Say it ain't so, Joe...
Sock Full Of Bees - A game for all the family! Quicktime required. Not all that great, really. I only posted it because it has the words 'sock' & 'bees' in it... Fuck I am depressed. Please kill me. NSFW
Finally.. OK Canucks... Start Christmas Shoppin.. more inside
Curious Monkey: Shared Houses vs. Apartments I've lived in a couple of shared houses since 1986, with various ups and downs. On one hand, I've been lucky enough to be in a situation where my monthly outlay for rent is far below what others might pay in a rental situation, or even a home ownership situation. Currently I live in a five-bedroom two story turn of the century arts-and-crafts style bungalow in Seattle and pay $150.00 a month. There are minuses, of course; getting some housemates to clean up after themselves can be a bit frustrating, but all in all it's a pleasant experience with a caring owner that does a pretty good job of keeping the place in serviceable shape. What's your story? Would you ever consider house sharing? What would be your ideal situation?
Curious George: I got myself a moving violation. Earlier this evening I entered an intersection to turn left. The stoplight was yellow when I entered the intersection. Next thing I know, I have to pay the state of Connecticut $114. [more inside] more inside
Blunkett's Britain. David Blunkett has been the driving force behind some the most sweeping, repressive laws and policies sweeping Britain under the auspices of the so-called war on terror, as well as a miscellany of immigrant-bashing; this is one journo's encounter with some of his representitives. Of course, Mr Blunkett himself appears to consider rules as being something for others to follow. more inside
Why I'm going to be posting here again