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November 24, 2004

"They had no choice." The Princess Royal unveils a memorial to animals who died serving in wartime. "The monument pays special tribute to the 60 animals awarded the PDSA Dickin Medal - the animals' equivalent of the Victoria Cross - since 1943. They include 54 animals - 32 pigeons, 18 dogs, three horses and a cat - commended for their service in World War II." Including "Rob, a para-dog who made more than 20 parachute drops while serving with the SAS..."
Mysterious George - more within more inside
A good source for Christian news and subtler than Landover Baptist.
Computer Gurus: Please Hope Me! Blue screens. Constant freezes. All that good stuff. more inside
Curious George: UK in the blink of an eye My SO and I are flying to the UK for a friend's wedding. Since we are squeezing in the trip to fit within the US Thanksgiving Holiday, I have roughly half a day in London and half a day in Ludlow, Shropshire, before getting on the plane and flying back to California. more inside
Ban the Bible! I randomly discovered this meme and got curious enough about the rant to Google up some links. Bible scholarship can sometimes be cool, and throwing in some politics is a sure-fire mix for high hilarity and wacky hijinks! No biting. more inside
Mothers Against Video Game Addiction and Violence

Fact: Hardcore gaming not only leads to video game addiction and abrupt lifestyle changes, but to crime and felony as well. Hardcore gamers never buy computer video games. Instead, downloading illegally copied video games or “warez” is the only method acceptable by the underground. Buying a legit copy is grounds for abandonment by community groups. You may not be buying your child videogames, but they can illegally obtain them off the internet. I HATE your mother.
A look at the Tristram Shandy web seems a good way of marking Laurence Sterne's birthday today. By way of a further tribute I ask - is a well-formed nose essential to success in life? more inside
Monkey Hot or Not? Real Hot Monkey Action!!! Totally safe for work.(I went through about 30 photos and there were no naughty monkey picks)
It's like Tivo for radio. The awkwardly named BlogMatrix Jäger will automatically record a streamed audio broadcast, convert it to MP3 format, and store it on your iPod. Alas, until it leaves beta, the software will only run on Windows, so Mac users like me will have to wait. Any Windows types want to try it out and report back?
The Dwell Home The contest: Design and build a home for around $200,000. The results are stunning. Perhaps there's hope for those of us who would rather not live in boring boxes after all.
(How) To Kill A Mockingbird (flash) t3H b3St b00k r3P0rt EVAR!!!!1 Warning! Spoily! (via the very odd memepool)
Curious George: Special Interest Web Sites. What are some websites that you look at that appeal to only specific groups of people or interests? Two that I check out regularly are here and here. more inside
Red Meat Rocks Quicktime movie showing the importance of nutrition to Heavy Metal musicians more inside
Long Bets more inside
Alexander Graham Bell Notebooks Project. Liquid transmitters, plumbago experiments, and flame galvanometers. Now it makes me wish my poor lab notebook had way cool hand drawn diagrams too.
International Adoption is a hotter topic than I thought when I started the process 17 months ago. Did you know that some people want to outlaw all adoptions? Those people are often more than a bit strident, but the pain they express deserves some attention. The adoption community has responded by developing open-adoption, which is becoming the norm for domestic adoptions. For international adoptions, the move is toward developing a sense of cultural awareness for our children, instead of continuing the old-school "melting pot" approach. more inside
Curious George: Traditional Irish and Scottish Music Two things. more inside
It's disease-errific! It's the Malady of the Month; this month's is Dermoid Cysts, which "...have to rank as one of the creepiest things that can happen to a girl...result from a very independent (or confused) egg thinking that it can develop on its own with only half of its own genetic material..." more inside
Who's the luckiest monkey at the zoo? Of questionable taste. (NSFW, especially if your boss is a primate) If this was most any place else, I wouldn't have submitted it.