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November 23, 2004

Curious George: Finding rural DSL coverage. We may be buying some rural land. Is there any definitive way (besides dslreports) to see whether it gets DSL service? more inside
Tell people about the leaks in your new home. Get sued. Apparently this company decided that, rather than build a house with a roof that didn't leak, they would sue people who complained about it. more inside
I Know Where Bruce Lee Lives! is an ultrainteractive Kung-fu remixer. Pick some background music, and start fighting. When your Kung-fu is strong record it and play it back.
Diet not working? Maybe you need a dog. Man's best friend is also man's best diet buddy. more inside
Monkeys of the past I'm working on a project which involves some sort of shocked, (actually, shock over the stress and rhythm of english) but I'd like to use some 50s-era accents to spice it up. I figure the emotion of shock is best expressed by a 50s housewife who has just discovered a new brand of detergent, or something along those lines. So, does anyone know where there'd be a nice treasure trove of various 50s stock photographs, or advertisements or something like that?
Celebrity stapler auction action! Staplers from movie stars, sports celebs, media personalities... is this weird or what?
Rat Out a Church.org - Know of a church that uses the pulpit to spew radical politics? Tired of going to church only to hear a priest tell you how to vote? Rat 'em out!
Chronic pain kills your brain. New research from Northwestern University suggests chronic back pain can kill off brain cells that are involved in decision-making and movement. The damage may or may not be permanent. As a guy with a partially slipped disc myself, suffice it to say this news didn't make my day.
Chocolate is a more effective cough medicine than codeine. I knew it all along. Imperial press release. You can't see the paper on-line without a subscription, but here is the impenetrable abstract. more inside
Lassie—Get the Oncologist! (via the sadly under-appreciated Discover Magazine)
The Gorilla Comic Cover Index - Ok, the guy indexes every comic cover he can find that includes a picture of an ape or gorilla. Quite a collection.
SMASH the prostitution racket! Dancing is Eeeevil: Dangers in familiarity and so is prostitution: Men who say no are the only good men. Other American Social Hygiene Posters (via JWZ)
Bar Code Quest I'm looking for a cost effective Bar Code solution for the self produced CDs I've put out. more inside
watch paper "a fully functional clock that is printed onto ordinary paper". There's a QT movie at the site.
Is this the real reason Aquafina bottles have that wide mouth?
Curious George: Amateur Director The Problem: I need to find a way to make the 'play noises' off fit into a 40 minute time frame. Cutting it is not a problem, but the stage set up is. We only have 40 minutes, so set changes are difficult. help?
What exactly are people getting in this auction? I rarely use Ebay myself, but it seems to me that a bunch of people tonight are paying big bucks for a whole lotta nothing, if I'm reading this right! Forgive me if this is a very dumb post. more inside
New Olympic events... "Jumping into the convertible." The clicky-clicky-click brings back fond memories of Daly Thompson's Decathalon... Flash. NSFProductivity.
Curious George - Word Query: Hey, everyone. Can anyone come up with a single, descriptive word that combines debate, news, and politics?
History of computer graphics. Probably the best site I've seen delving into the early years of commercial computer graphics, with things like an ancient CGI console (bottom), and Tron and Scrubbing Bubbles. Lavishly illustrated and with QT movies.