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November 21, 2004

Warning: will destroy your mind Never ending art (warning, impossibly cool flash). Best use of flash ever? Zoom in and out (go there already!) Check some of the details!
Curious George: Wahabi ain't horseradish I'm starting to do research on fundementalist Islam, and haven't been able to find two things that would help me more inside
Science Animations, Movies & Interactive Tutorial Links A large collection of animations and interactive tutorials about science. In particular, check out the biology section.
Curious George - Starting a cafe. A few friends and I have decided to start a co-op cafe, we've found a great space, and we're getting ready to sign a lease on monday. Any monkeys have advice on starting a small business like this? more inside
Curious George: Sunday Boozin'? Just walked by my neighborhood liquor store... and it's open? Not just for wine, but harder spirits too... Anyone else in NYC/other big cities notice this phenomenon? Or do you live in a dry town...
The DNA of Literature.....online. This doesn't mean much to me I must confess, though the site looks cool, but I'm sure there are some monkeys who would be interested in knowning that the Paris Review is now online. via Crooked Timber. more inside
How to give and receive criticism. RTFA prior to commenting! more inside
House Republican leaders blocked and appeared to kill a bill Saturday that would have enacted the major recommendations of the Sept. 11 commission
The Best Paper Airplane in the World. It's don't know enough about the field to vouchsafe this claim, but I did build one--it took about 10 minutes--and it did fly. Not too straight, but it did. Probably need about 10 tries to perfect.
The Electric Sheep Thanksgiving Special. [Via No Touch Monkey!]
Yetisports. Because penguin violence is just good clean fun.
The NBA imitates Slap Shot. more inside
Nerdfilter. Say no more. Not actually via Mefi, although it is linked there.
Typography FINALLY Meets the Web - This is freaking GENIUS. If you have designed web pages, you know that the only practical way to move beyond 4 or 5 basic fonts is to make a graphic (gif, jpg or png) using your font. Not any more! (This is big! if you are a fontaholic and have been frustrated by this longstanding web limitation) more inside
Everything you ever wanted to know about monkeys. (Scientifically, that is -- from the kind folks at Google)
Dolls and role models Yue-Sai Kan started Yue Sai WaWa, a Chinese fashion doll, to provide a doll for girls in China and elsewhere that isn't blond and blue-eyed; in Iran, Dara and Sara provide role models felt to be more compatible with devout Islam as practiced there, as does Razanne. In Japan, Barbie herself is much younger than in North America, while this Australian company is trying to introduce Feral Cheryl (the anti-fashion fashion doll). How many other alternatives or adaptations have there been to this fashion doll, in an effort to better reflect ethnic or cultural differences or simply to provide an alternative? more inside
Inside the MonkeySphere via Linkfilter
Curious George - Commie Pinko Bastards I've been wondering lately about the (apparent) demise of communism. From the fall of the Berlin Wall, to the free market reforms in China and Cuba, is this economic system truly destined to history’s garbage heap? It seems China (excepting Taiwan and Hong Kong/Macao) is capitalist (communist in name only) with a totalitarian government. To me the idea of communism always made sense. But in practice communism always comes with a unhealthy dose of totalitarian governance. What countries that are called communist actually practice it in it's purest forms? Is it possible to practice a pure communism in today's world?