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November 16, 2004

Art Cars! See also: How to make 'em and where to see 'em.
FM transmitters for mp3 players- are there any that don't suck? The iTrip plugs into your ipod and transmits your music on the FM frequency of your choice. You tune your car radio to that frequency and listen to your ipod in your car without any wires. Trouble is, it's weak so it doesn't interfere with other people's radios, but so weak it doesn't even work in my own car. Same story with all the products like this from what I've heard. more inside
Garrison Keillor thinks that born-again Christians should not be allowed to vote. Feels their real citizenship is in heaven.
Monkeyworld. more inside
Curious, George: ascii video conversion? I have a strange little video project I'm working on, and would like to convert some of the video to moving ascii-text images. problem - all the conversion tools I can find are arcane *nix terminal-freakout stuff. And my Google-fu is getting me nowhere. more inside
FamilyHighway Values You've got to be kidding me, right? Right? RIGHT?! Anyone? Is it too late to build a 500 foot wall around NYC? more inside
For those who need more than kittens to feel better. Turn your ceiling into a surreal pond surface. via boingboing. more inside
Precedent time A link has been removed from the front page due to inappropriate suggestions of physical violence against a group. The complainant contacted us in an inappropriate way and we will be taking this up with them. more inside
The Bin Laden Game is an imaginary treasure hunt for Usama Bin Laden. Similar to the predecessor game, Find Those Weapons, the clues in this riddle-type game will lead the winning player to nearly $5,000 in REAL money. THIS IS NOT A COMPUTER GAME. When you order the game, you will receive a packet in the mail with everything you need to play the game. All you need to play is generous amounts of caffiene, lots of patience, and maybe some ingenuity.
Delta employee fired for "inappropriate" pictures on her blog. NYT article registration req. Diary of a flight attendant found here. more inside
Security in Darfur, Sudan a "Farce," according to Amnesty International. "Three or four rounds of negotiations have not resulted in an agreement that worked, so why should this time be any different?" 70,000 deaths since March. When will and what should the world do about Darfur, Sudan?
Half-Life 2 After missing its original September 30, 2003 release date and the code being pirated, Half-Life 2 has been released!!! While I didn't stay up for the midnight pacific time release, I did get up early to play it for an hour or so this morning. Anyone else as hyped about it as I am? more inside
IT'S A LAPTOP! NO, IT'S A FERRARI, NO! IT'S A......WHAT? -_- weirdness...
Hardee's is introducing a new burger with 1,420 calories and 107 grams of fat.
It's the Jerry Garcia Autopsy! - The autopsy of a fat old hippy. Perfectly safe for work & the squeamish, because they use a doll. But it's based on the real autopsy, so the text is graphic, just in case that bothers ye. Please enjoy. :)
Curious George: what's your favourite coffee? What's your favourite coffee, and why? (link goes to my Flickr where I documented a recent coffee delivery) more inside
PictureOfEverything I was never good at drawing anyone recognizable. So I feel especially jealous that Howard Hallis can draw everyone, everywhere (and even make the picture wrap both horizontally and vertically). Click to Zoom in if something interesting leaps out at you. Nano Nano, Earthling!
Fray.com, an oldie, but a goodie, is Derek Powazek's (of San Francisco Stories fame) magazine/community/movement dedicated to sharing true stories by people for people. Where do you go when you're looking for a good free read on the net? more inside
Curious George: Are there any sites that have a breakdown of how many suicides take place at different universities each year? My google-fu fails me. more inside
The Iconographic Genesis of Shiva - The Sensuous Yogi.