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November 15, 2004

When you're tired of drinking the coffee, there's always the coffee enema. I wonder--would a soy latte be more effective? Caramel macciatto? Will Starbucks ever administer these?
Old School Geekery - an ad for the a new Citroen pays homage to the Transformers of my youth. Soon to be all over the internets - I bring to you now. Video MPG File.
Boris! BorisWatch! BorisBlog! BorisBogOff! WhyWeLoveBoris! WhySomePeople,Er,Don't! more inside
Curious George: Recording lightning Yesterday we had a pretty good thunderstorm. On the news last night, the weather report included a computer animation of the region from the air with each lightning strike over sped-up real time. How do they know where the lightning hit?
"If you're looking for something different or special for your kitties, you've found the right place!"
John Balance dies... Sad news for fans of Coil or Throbbing Gristle...
Powell resigns, more to follow... Ashcroft, Powell, and at least four other cabinet members will leave the Bush team.
Random Frog Generator Do you like frogs? So do I. This, then, is the Random Frog Generator, which lives in the memory, much like cheese.
The Great American Smokeout! Every year the American Cancer Society promotes the Great American Smokeout (November 18th). Perhaps this is the year YOU should make the decision. more inside
Geek Me Up, Scotty - A working Star Trek Communicator that's a bluetooth hands-free device for your cellphone. There's only one, it's a prototype, & don't tell me that you don't want one, because you do, even though it's utterly geeky. more inside
Paxil Babies
This recent monkeyfilter post inevitably led to this. more inside
More. Great claymation by Mark Osborne, it was nominated for an academy award in 1998. [16 MB Quicktime, via Waxy.]
So from about town, a few of you are probably aware that I am an musicblogger (AKA mp3 blogger AKA audioblogger).
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'Zappa': Freak Out! (NYT reg. req.) "Who are the brain police?" A review of a new book about Dweezil and Moon Unit's dad, by Camille Paglia, who IMO can be a bit of a self-aggrandizing provocateur-for-provocation's-sake, but who stays out of the way and writes a solid review in this case.
Ugly Bands! Rock and Roll has never looked so ugly.
Snarlious George... I have been a snarlfest for a few days here, and my best defense is usually to trot out a few sayings or cliches that make me consider not being such a crab-mistress. Mine are; To thine ownself be true. This too, shall pass. Shut the fuck up; I'm right and you aren't. Life is short. What works for you?
How To Make A Killing Off the Stock Market: Become a U.S. Senator A new study showing that the stock picks of Senators, as revealed in their financial disclosure forms, outperformed the market by a whopping 12 percent. Insider trading anyone? Although it's not clear whether any laws have been broken, Alan Ziobrowski, one of the study's authors says "there is cheating going on, at a 99 percent level of confidence."
Wheels of fire. Clapton to reform Cream. more inside
> FUCK FROG What happens when you swear at text adventure games? You'd be surprised.
Perverse pleasure is the best revenge. Get it while you can. more inside