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November 10, 2004

Finally a reason for pop up ads: Humor. This is just ridiculous. If I ever see someone with this phone (considering Pink is the new "Ghetto Black," it could very well be a man), I will personally slap the crap out of them.*
*Disclaimer: Unless they're bigger than me (via the internets, found while surfing for a Halo 2 buddy icon)
OOOK, so who wants to put this live-wire to their forehead? it'll help you remember better...I promise. (I can see it now: Monkeys the world over walking around with electrodes on their foreheads to promote memory and prevent double posting)
Curious George: Go, my seeker monkeys! Fly! I'm looking for a site I saw on Metafilter ages ago. It was some art project, where some Spanish (I think he was Spanish) guy took loads of headshots of people in different social groups. I've searched and searched but I can't find it. If anyone could help me out, I'd <3 them forever. more inside
Uranus is well lubricated. There's bound to be more inside
Curious George: Life in Ottawa Any monkeys with the inside scoop on living in Ottawa? more inside
curious George: IM clients for mac I've just switched from pc to mac and I'm having a hard time finding a IM client like GAIM where I can use both Yahoo and AOL IM accounts. Suggestions?
Army Spc. Bryan Freeman Jr was killed Monday in Iraq. Bryan was the 1,334 US soldier killed in Iraq. Bryan was a very good friend of my wife in High School and needless to say she was very upset. Normally I would not post such a downer of a link but I feel that in general many of these soldiers that have been killed lately have not been getting the attention they deserve. RIP Bryan.
Curious, George: Suggestions for email providers? Curious, George Any Suggestions for (paid) email providers? more inside
"Don't take us there!"... At least not until we decide whether "There" exists. Wikipedia's NPOV (Neutral Point of View) Disputes Page more inside
"We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars." [Oscar Wilde]. For your night-skying pleasure: Free monthly skymaps at (of course) SkyMaps; local satellite and spaceship activity at Heaven's Above; and my favorite, what's in the sky tonight at Earth & Sky. Great resources for the backyard stargazer.
The Ouch Kit. Marriage counseling in a box! "It's simple. You get a strong feeling and fill out the back of whichever card suits your mood. Next, you leave the card where your partner is sure to find it. Then your partner responds with another card -- whichever one feels right. Keep exchanging cards until you are both feeling better."
The Vampire Watermelon : fact or fiction? more inside
Scotsmen, take your partners for the Slow Frenzy
Things you hear in passing can definitely pique your curiosity. We hear the most interesting things in the most everyday places--maybe on the tube or out in the city. Have you overheard anything that stirred your imagination lately? Have you caught an eavesdropper in the act? Maybe you're looking to do some serious listening in of your own...
Twenty Monkeys with Hats and One Squid
Apologize for the election in pictures hopefully my second post ever isnt another double post. :-(
Rasterize is an excellent new word. Go big or stay home. more inside
Much more than cosplay, Sailor Moon worship and sleeping commuters... From ripping out ATM machines with bulldozers to the changing of the guard in anime to decline in the craft of making sake, Sake-Drenched Postcards' mysterious Captain Japan writes about the stranger and deeper side of Japanese culture with a dry, crisp journalist's touch, like an eastern Theroux.
Dirty Found: Found Magazine gets all kinds of flotsam and jetsam and publishes it- notes, photographs, and, for lack of a better term, whatnot. Sometimes, people send in things that are a little too raunchy for the magazine. Thus, Dirty Found, in bookstores near you.
The Call of Cthulhu movie The loons at The Howard Philips Lovecraft Historical Society are making a film version of HPL's infamous tale. (a follow-up to this thread) more inside