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November 09, 2004

Tear down this wall. The fall of the Berlin Wall on November 9, 1989 marked the symbolic end of the Cold War.
Ever heard of MOAB? well, ok. They're thinking of creating another one called MOP... which will make MOAB look like a sissy, with a scraped knee, on the side of the road...crying (of course)... armament for an intergallactic war? Osama's new anal probe? X-treme 4th of july fireworks? ALL CONSPIRACY THEORIST WELCOME...i've got a BIG banana for you. ^_^
Pancakes for Pinkos
Suprise in a Box , where every gift is an experience.
Speaking Tonal Languages Promotes Perfect Pitch
Extremely abbreviated crash course on the pitfalls of urban warfare. [flash]
51% Bush and 49% Kerry makes... more inside
Curious George - Importing Bookmarks from Safari to Firefox The title says it all. I am thinking of switching over to Firefox from Safari, but am having trouble importing my bookmarks and cookies. Apparently it will do it automatically from Explorer and an older version of Firefox, but not from Safari. Any suggestions?
The MoFi archives are back up! Warning: they're in plain HTML which means you can read 'em but not change 'em. But I wanted them up by the 17th, for obvious reasons. They're a bit hard to navigate because I see there's still errors. I just played around until I found ways to navigate by manually changing the URLs. Here's the main archive page.
Getting Beyond Good vs. Evil: A Buddhist Reflection on the New Holy War. [Via MeFi.]
Garroting: A How-To Guide They practice upon each other frequently before they venture into the streets—not only to acquire the art of garroting in every possible position and attitude, but that they may learn how long and with what degree of force they may hug their victim's throat without endangering his life or seriously injuring him. more inside
Japan is an anagram for "Nap, Ja?" Tired of politics? of working? of ennui? of monkeys flinging poo? You ain't got nothing on Japanese business men. Who needs a bed when you have asphalt?
Todd Marrone is a Philadelphia artist and a good friend of mine as well. As I am always looking for new artists to check out I thought it would be cool to share a favorite of mine. I am a big fan of his Guerilla Art and This collection is my favorite. Who are some of your local artists?
Surprising results in Florida. Again. Did something fishy take place in Florida during the recent election? An analysis of registered voters versus actual results in Florida counties suggests some very surprising swings to the Republicans in the face of party registrations. In particular, the results for Libery are worrying, but by no means the only county where concern maybe warranted.
Curious, George: Consolation Tattoo? I told everyone, in lieu of the standard "I'm moving to Canada," that I was going to get a tattoo if Bush won, as a consolation prize... more inside
Design for Chunks Virgin Atlantic held a design competition requesting people come up with designs for their sickbags. The 20 finalists shown will have their designs grace the airlines sickbags for 6 months. more inside
Philadelphia Monkeys looking for a place to see decent, old movies? Have you tried this place? Or this place in Pitman, NJ? more inside
Curious, George: The Church of Null The Church of Null : Since no higher purpose in life has been found and that god never really showed up... whe are looking for something else. more inside
Thought For a new PolyFilter I've noticed a need to discuss politics here, yet also that the topic itself is, understandably, very touchy these days. I like the crowd here on Monkeyfilter and that, most especially that they are more civilized and thoughtful than on sites like 'Fark, 'Metafilter', etc. What I would like to do is put together a site where *civil* discourse is encouraged and welcomed and negative discussion is discouraged. This from someone who has, admitedly, engaged in some negative conversations in the past. My problem is that my html skills are kind of rusty and I would need some help. Anyone interested or do they have any suggestions? I would like to hear from any and all interested parties. My intent is to create something like 'The Boston Commons' for the internet.
Half-baked ideas. Tattoo eaters. Reverse organizational hierarchy (start new employees as the CEO, and demote them). Dress-up hood ornaments for your car. Hooker stamps (like food stamps, except for... you know). And much, much more.