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November 03, 2004

Jesusland and the US of C more inside
Reading this post will make you go blind Evangelical America, apply thy healing touch on the nation! more inside
Curious protest ant Is it worth being a point as a present minority or is it just asking for trouble? Has the US become so polarized that to segregate ourselves is the only clean answer to domestic unrest? *ramalamadingdong*
Curious George: Emigrating within the U.S. In a really old MoFi thread (last spring) I asked about leaving the country, and I see the subject returned here today. However it's not the answer. Is there an affordable leftie haven inside the United States? Why is the deck seemingly stacked against us to where we can't find a like-minded community within our own borders? more inside
Tail Gunner. Java arcade emulation. Fun!
Barack Obama: "...there's not a liberal America and a conservative America--there's the United States of America. There's not a black America and white America and Latino America and Asian America; there's the United States of America." Do you agree? (found first on dailykos.com) more inside
Yup, four more years
When big things collapse! Crunch. (Mostly courtesy roadie.net)
Welcome to Canada! Now seems like a good time to post general info on immigrating to Canada and immigration as skilled worker info. The easiest way is to marry a Canadian and have them sponsor you, as I did. I met my Canadian hubby on Simpsons-l, but there are other ways.
testicle-eating cat haunts Kenya and other stories (subscription required to view the entire article) more inside
Blood-Sucking Monkeys At Temple Attack Hundreds Of Kids
In Lieu of the fact that all monkeys are so pissed off right now, I've decided to create the" "BERATE THE BUSH SUPPORTER" board Here, all Monkeys of the world (including you Euros and others) may feel free to tell Bush Supporters the idiocy of their ways in your most clever, rhetoric, sarcastic, sadistic and even lovely one liners (note that you may use as many lines as you require)... Happy Hunting!!!
Who's next? 2008 is the next chance for America to throw off the shackles of theocracy. Who do you think will be the Democratic candidate? I know who I suspect.
Curious George: What do you love about America? With all the sadness and depression I had a thought: I love America. I do. You know why? Because in spite of whatever happens - in spite of the fact that, no matter who wins, about half the country didn't want him - we will take it, and we will accept it, without violence, without civil war, and we have been doing it since 1776. We have endured worse, and we will survive, and we will do it as a nation divided - yet we will do it without fragmenting, and without losing hope that some day it will be better. That's worth believing in. more inside
Man Tries to Convert Lions to Christianity, Gets Bitten more inside
The Day After. (More *sigh* inside.)
11 states approve ban on gay unions. even "progressive" blue states like oregon. "Basic human rights should not be put up for a popular vote." more inside
The Death Page. Laurence Sterne's 1760 novel Tristram Shandy broke new ground in a number of ways, notably by using a page of solid black to indicate the death of Yorick. Posted today for no particular reason. more inside
Witches Pardoned ...and their kitty cats, too. more inside
So how did that letter writing campaign affect the election turnout in Clark County, Ohio? We'll remember this monkey filter post about the Guardian's tongue in cheek attempt to make European voices heard in this presidential election. Well the final tally turned out to be 51% for Bush and 49% for Kerry. Check out the map of Ohio. Clark County is in the south western quadrant of the state; it's one of two which are colored white.