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November 01, 2004

Nongregarious George ...Are you a loner? Most people know they're a loner without a quiz, but I was interested in seeing the slant of the results. Below is a quote from my result on the "Are You A Loner?" test. "Some people would call you independent, others might say you're anti-social. You don't go out of your way to be with people, and actually prefer your own company to that of others!" Note the exclamation mark...is wanting to be by yourself truly that amazing to those who don't? Why does the term 'loner' have such negative associations? Why, exactly, are non-loners so threatened by loners? Is it something like what dog trainers say? That the most impossible dog to train isn't the mean or stupid dog, but rather is the one that doesn't want anything?
Leave it to Bush #2 - I've been waiting for this. I cackled my ass off at the first Leave it to Bush, so much so that I now have no ass, & constantly claim to own two ferrets called Jesus & Slasher. This one features Fearless Leader with Bill Cosby. In space. Voices by Bill Cosby & George W. Bush. Cartoon by Ken McIntyre with music by The Go! Team. more inside
2004 Family Circle Cook-Off The current and (possibly) future First Ladies of the U.S. each submitted their cookie recipe. They'd make great snack foods for tomorrow nights' many election-watching parties. more inside
Researchers provide concrete evidence about how the human eye evolved. [Via /.]
Observing the Day of the Dead -- DĂ­a de los Muertos has and can be observed in many ways. I have mine (and will post later if am able, too many links apply to post now as well), do you have yours? With so many gone and so little time to mourn, reasons abound--
American Examiner "Your Friendly Neighborhood Newspaper™". Get it as a monster .jpg or download the .pdf version.
eminem promotes gansta voting In other news, there's been a surge in the sale of black hoodies as younun's prepare to vote or face the wrath of P. Diddy and Hillary Clinton.
"My name is Mike. ... I grew my hair from age 16 to age 35 without ever really getting a haircut other than a few trims. I reached what I believe was my terminal length of hair. At my longest my hair was almost to my ankles. My ex had long hair too almost to her waist. One day she decided to cut her hair and got a very short syled perm..." AND THEN...
Smoke-Free George To all you ex-smoking monkeys, how did you kick the habit for good? more inside
Curious George: Self Help I'm taking a psychology class, and we have to compare some self help book/video/system with as much science as Psychology has to offer. So, does anyone have any self help they can recommend? more inside
Curious George: Build it but they won't come. I just built a news satire website, but I have an audience of zero. Where is a good place I can get a few people to look at it? I did the Google thing a week ago but I'm still not in there, and I can't hope to be in Google Directory / dmoz for a long while. What are some options?
Curious George - I've got extra candy You wanna trade? I have a bunch of mini Snicker's bars.
Get out the vote from the comfort of your own home Americans who registered to vote through RockTheVote.com were given the chance to opt-in and get a reminder to vote on election day. And who is going to deliver that reminder? Why, you, of course. RocktheVote will give you a couple of phone numbers and a script to follow. All you have to do is pick up the phone and encourage a voter to exercize his or her basic rights. more inside
Conservative attack ads have been playing extra dirty? The Ashley's Story ads, if they're not being shown in your market, show Bush comforting the daughter of a 9/11 victim. It's meant to be a serious tear-jerker. Ashlee's Story, on the other hand, points out that these ads are funded by the Progress for America Voter Fund, a conservative group behind a number of anti-Kerry attack ads. The donations raised by this play for people's emotions go to buy air time for other PFA ads. more inside
The New York Subway is 100 years old. Some history: celebrating the subway in film and song (RealPlayer) : Ms Subways: but there's also less happy news... All links shamelessly stolen from the Internet Scout Project more inside
Is Novak Relevant? A new low by the recipient of Jon Stewart's "Congressional Medal of Douchebag". It's Monday, November 2nd, 2004, and Robert Novak is asking, Is Kerry relevant to 2004 election?
The formula is X = a x ((24-b) x (c+d+e) + f x (g+h+i)
The hierarchy of bloggers
Face Transplants on the way So far, no donors or volunteers... anyone game?
Twilit Grotto. An archive of grimoires and esoterica. Or at least it's a collection of the stuff that hasn't been burned a couple centuries ago.