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October 29, 2004

Reading on a Dream: A Library Musical [quicktime] When musical theatre invades the library. Very funny. (via the devastatingly sexy Spoonbender)
Gmail security vulnerability revealed An Israeli news site is reporting that a hacker has identified a means to spoof gmail authentication using an XSS exploit. [Via Slashdot] more inside
2004's Scariest Halloween Costumes Some of them good.Friday fun.
Wreck Chasing. Sounds like too much work? Then do it from the comfort of your office with the Aviation Safety Network's collection of pictures, taken "before the crash, [and] after the actual accident."
Curious George: Scary Stories for Halloween! In honor of Tenacious Pettle's request (at the bottom of the previous post on scary stories)! more inside
Prepare for Deluge... Between now and Monday, expect MeFi the MotherFu...Ship to be in drydock being retrofitted with new warpdrives and fuzzy dice. During that time, expect many visits from jonesing MeFites seeking a fix for their Filter Addictions. Please conduct yourselves appropriately. more inside
Transgender Uncivil Unions Only in New York. more inside
So like, Bush approved Gay Civil Unions... WTF...that's quite the change of heart...oh and look! it's only 5 days 'till election.
Trunk Monkey more inside
Neuticles: Customized Testicular Implants for Pets Undoubtedly purchased by the same people who buy their dogs diapers.
Curious George: A Windows Virgin And a reluctant one given my verbosity around here lately. But you see, I am a life-long Mac person and I just got an older Wintel laptop that I would like to give to my step-brother for his birthday on Monday. I've successfully re-installed Windows 98se from the ground up and I don't know what I should/shouldn't do next. more inside
It is written. According to Indian Astrologers, the US election has been pre-destined. No report on accuracy of their past predictions, or why it isn't on Reuters' own website.
Fake Terrorism? A room covered in blue construction paper, a headscarf, and a pirated copy of FinalCut Pro are all you need and you, too, can be a terrorist. more inside
Superman is Dead. Long live Superman! - Tales of Superman from the 1930's to present-day. Online comics! Some of the classic Superman stories such as Superman! The first story - including one of the many "scientific explanations" for Superman's strength (People from Krypton get super strong upon their reaching maturity.. or is it because of Earth's yellow sun? Or maybe it's Earth's lesser gravity... anyway..), The Origin of Superman - in fact, several origins of Superman! And more! more inside
Curious, George: Disposing of Evidence Left with the dregs of a dead relationship in the form of a trunk's worth of stuff. Seek creative solutions. more inside
Say What? In this time of misunderestimation and le circumlocucioun, listen to the 100 Best Speeches and remember that there once was a time when we weren't forced to choose between a lesser of two weevils.
Tasteless, yet completely offensive. Kids dressed up in what can only be called very, very offensive costumes. Politically motivated tastelessness, but they're so darn CUTE! more inside
The Charge of the Light Brigade took place 150 years ago - hear Tennyson himself read the poem. The National Army Museum has special features on the charge and on the Crimean War. And what about the Heavy Brigade? Why the famous charge still matters.
Just how likely is it that nobody will cough during a concert? Alas, if you want a good chance of having a cough-free experience, you will need to stock your concert hall with audience members who produce no more than 2 coughs per year, leading the researcher to conclude, "It's probably easier to just accept the coughing." This may be the biggest advance in the scientific study of Annoying Noises In Concert Halls since a professor at Simon's Rock proved you'll make the same amount of noise unwrapping a candy slowly as quickly, so you might as well get it over with. Unless, of course, you're using a the high-tech stealth wrapper. more inside
Curious George - (US) politics (non-presidential) I apologize for starting a politics thread, but I'm kinda desperate. I'm trying to fully prepare for the election day, but all the info I can find regarding my ballot only concerns the presidential race. more inside