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October 28, 2004

Poor planning, air strikes by coalition forces and a "climate of violence" have led to more than 100,000 extra deaths in Iraq, scientists say more inside
A flashback to the 80's. Now you can relive those days spent in the dark, neon abyss so dreaded by your parents. Only on a much smaller scale.
Cats are Democrats, Dogs are Republican
Images from a simpler time. Mid-century commercial art and retro design.
- the Economist's choice: a surprising endorsement from the conservative weekly
Blogger's head explodes. Something for all to watch out for in the coming days and weeks.
Preventing Outsourcing = RACISM!!! The writer of this article compares David Duke's well documented ongoing racism to John Edwards' stance that domestic jobs should not be outsourced to foreign countries (which would cause Americans to lose their jobs and sources of income which would instead go to people abroad who work for pennies against the dollar). Apparently Edwards' views are bigotry at its worst, and is the direct reason that this individual will vote for Bush.
Rolling Stone reviews Space War more inside
Photo Mosaic of GW Bush made with photos of the American Dead in Iraq. It's sort of shocking to see all the photos in one place like this, especially overlayed on the man who sent them to war.
Every cable news site should have a 'conspiracy theory' section! Get all the dirt on the latest middle eastern paranoia, through al-Jazeera's web site: Is Bush planning to attack Iran before the election? (62% say yes) Was Israel behind 9/11? (another 62% say yes) Was the US behind recent violence in Lebanon? (81% say no) Is Australia's PM suffering from an Aboriginal curse? (80% say yes) al-Jazeera, I love you.
SUPER PARROT to the rescue... in this real-life episode of Super Parrot we see how three full grown man were outsmarted by....SUUUUUUUUPER PARROT! (tho some may argue it was themselves) Honestly, which decent, self-respecting burglar actually FORGETS the Parrot?
Magic 8-Ball Dissection It seems that Magic 8-Ball toys were harmed in the production of the linked page, part of a larger unofficial site.
By now you've heard of the U2 Special Edition iPod but you may not know about the waaay cool Ashlee Simpson edition. more inside
Fainting goats, fun for the whole family!
dream sequence "People from around the world submitted their dreams. We chose one, and turned it into a digital film which inspired new dreams." (needs Quicktime)
"She sneaked in and did it to me one night, I swear!" - Stinky unwashed homeless Japanese guys are being given sexual relief by an attractive female visitor. A tireless, brave reporter sacrifices himself to get to the bottom of the story. He gets lucky. Woohoo! more inside
Curious, George: ponies. I'd like to know: what kind of features do you think would make Monkeyfilter even more delicious?
Sportscenter recieves some important guests. ESPN's Sportscenter will have both George W. Bush and John Kerry on the show Monday night, the night before the election. more inside
Ladies and Gentlemen, the President of the United States. (.mov file)
Press Freedom Scoreboard Europe beats North America hands down on Reporters Without Borders latest annual rating of press freedom. " Violations of the privacy of sources, persistent problems in granting press visas and the arrest of several journalists during anti-Bush demonstrations kept the United States (22nd) away from the top of the list." "A police raid in Canada on the home of journalist Juliet O'Neil and the national regulatory authority's stand against the pan-Arab radio station Al-Jazeera and the local station CHOI FM downgraded the country to 18th place."