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October 26, 2004

Porn Movie Titles Based On Real Movies. (NSFW.) (e.g. Throbbin' Hood, A Midsummer Night's Cream.) "We have set out to have the definitive collection of adult movie titles based on actual movies." (A noble goal, that.) Makes me think of a party I went to in the early 1990s where a bunch of folks had a blast making up fake porno titles like The Hugeative and The Sperminator. Can you do any better?
Curious George: Sexism in "Grand Theft Auto" I can't decide whether or not to buy the new game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. But not for the reasons you might suspect. more inside
Southpaws, Are You Tired of Losing Debates to the Reich? Not to dampen the light and frohliche atmosphere of the monkeysphere. Considering how precious little debate there is on anything meaningful (at the national level), does this sort of thing have any hope of appearing, or being applied, outside the context of college or high-school competition type things? (thanks, or apologies, to octopusdropkick.net)
Hell Hath Frozen Over - Get your cognitive dissonance on.
Misinterpreted Movie Titles (Part 1 of 2) -NSFW- Some of the Titles may contain X rated words. Honestly, they are middle of the road for me so me judging this may be prudish. The link is hosted at Somethin Awfull (sic) which can be NSFW. more inside
So you want to build a rocket?
Undead Art -- take the now public domain Night of the Living Dead and splice it up with other zombie movies to make a remixed halloween classic via elykcooks
Curious George: IRC server. I have a website that is needing realtime chat, but I am having trouble understanding my options. ... more inside
Curious and Nail-Spitting Furious George...Can the Canadian government arbitrarily assign you an income, and then tax you on it? I got back my tax return, and they'd taken the income I stated, and multiplied it (apparently) by 2.3, and then taxed me on that. Gee whiz...I wonder if that had anything to do with my stating escorting as my profession.
Curious George-Movie I haven't been to the movies since Matrix:Revolutions. Not just because the movie sucked, but I'm sick of paying $10 ($11, now) to sit in a room with inconsiderate and rude people who seem intent on destroying any semblance of an enjoyable movie experience. From cell phones, to inane chatter, to kids with ADD, the A/V experience is no longer worth the pain for me. Just was wondering if any other monkeys have sworn off movie theaters as well, or if anyone wants to share a particularly harrowing experience at the theater, with regards to this. more inside
John Peel now playing that Great Gig in the Sky Sadly, long-time DJ John Peel passed on earlier today during a vacation in Peru. The Peel Sessions on BBC's Radio 1 were a great influence on musicians and were how a wide and tasty variety of influential music was introduced to the masses. He will be missed.
Ladies and gentlemen, chocolate fountains. Or, for our savory-favoring monkeys, nacho cheese fountains.
RIP John Peel
"John's influence has towered over the development of popular music for nearly four decades. He will be hugely missed." more inside
Mosh - Eminem joins the ABB (anybody but Bush) crowd. Not playing on a TV near you.
Apologies - I've been informed that I've been rather harsh & bastardish lately. This is just to say: sorry, Monkeys. more inside
Virginity Rules! "We won’t fall into bed ‘til we’re legally wed! We will not heave [sic] sex; this is what we have said. We’re not falling for the old standards; we’ll tell you that now. It’s not bad! Don’t have a cow! Virginity rules so we’re protecting our rights, Our bodies are treasures; we won’t give ‘em up without a fight. Sex is serious; perversions we won’t allow. Abstinence is the way….it’s your right…decide now!"
Lincoln vs Bush and President Bush. Not so much a gem as a semi-precious stone, but good for a giggle nonetheless.
Rhabarbermarmelade... Say it loud, and there's music playing. Say it soft, and it's almost like praying.
The Female Labia Enhancement Centre
As opposed, one assumes, to the Male Labia Enhancement Centre? "It's every girl's dream, to have perfect vaginal lips." Front page SFW, VERY MUCH _NOT_ SAFE FOR WORK ONCE YOU START CLICKING AROUND. "One survey query described it, that it looks more like a war injury then a vulva." So what do we think? Hoax? Gag? Serious?
Ashley's story On September 11th, Ashley lost her mom at the World Trade Center. Earlier this year, she was comforted by President Bush. Spread Ashley's story with your contribution.