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October 21, 2004

Man run out of his house by rabbits. Critters this cute are also a scourge in Australia. more inside
Things to do with chainsaws... How about turning a bunch of them into a motorcycle? Somehow, I don't think I am the only one who wouldn't want a dozen or so chainsaws between my legs.
Silenced by the President---Oregon Police Fire On Bystanders Watching Presidential Motorcade -- Published Oct. 16th in the _Iconoclast_, a story from the previous week week in Jacksonville, Oregon (the police using cayenne-pepper 'paintballs' to get critics off the street before the President drives through town). I guess he really doesn't hear anyone criticizing him! Quote: Trish Bowcock, a resident of Jacksonville and a retired attorney who is formerly of Austin, Texas, was an eyewitness to the disturbance and penned her impressions of the scene from a personal standpoint. She has agreed to allow The Iconoclast to reprint her thoughts. Mail Tribune staff members confirmed her contention that law enforcement concentrated on anti-Bush protestors, rather than pro-Bush demonstrators, and that the order to stop the protests came from the U.S. Secret Service. more inside
Fidel Castro broke his knee. Retirement ahead?
The Church of Ed Wood "Ed Wood's films are a vivifying religious energy given to us to teach us how to live our lives. Hidden in his films are messages to us all. To the untrained eye of a philistine Ed Wood hater, his films appear to be nothing more than silly, cheap flops. However, when you accept Ed Wood as your savior, your mind becomes open to the strong political, social, spiritual, religious, and personal messages hidden in his scripts, his films, and his words." [via Rue Morgue Magazine] more inside
Some things are better left to the imagination... Kerry and Bush living in simulated sin, until the neighbors move in. Various parts NSFW in any Red state. (Shamelessly stolen via MeFi.)
Consume. and other enviro-ads (via the rabbit blog)
International Man Of Mystery. Truly, this man is my hero. more inside
Some of the few who started this whole big mess we spend so much time lurking in. Brought to you via The Wayback Machine
AS A REAL MANUFACTURER & EXPORTER OF 5 FINGER TOE SOCKS IN KOREA, WE ARE READY TO COOPERATE WITH YOU. No word on how many cylinders. Be sure to check the gallery - Fishermen's Toe Socks leave monkey toe tips accessible for baiting hooks or nit-picking!
Self explanitory
Girl Gamers Gone Wild Public access TV show where (obviously ringer chicks) play D&D. They're doing a live show in Cali tonight... Anyone who lives out there can check them out. (via somethingawful.com)
Slap the Candidate! Friday Thursday Flash fun. Simple & to the point. Enjoy!
Nathaniel Hawthorne is 200 (Flash)
Hot wax Japanese game show wherein buckets of hot wax get thrown on your opponent and the only defense is a small umbrella. Hey! Gets rid of that unsightly body hair!
Worst Toupee in the USA Contest
All of W's mysteries explained! The timber company, the "internets," the mystery of the bulge, interdimensional portals - it's all finally made clear by cartoonist Ruben Bolling. (Salon link, day pass, yada yada)
reverse engrish "Dedicated to the misuse of Chinese characters (Hanzi or Kanji) in Western culture." Sort of like reverse engrish.
Court says whales and dolphins cannot sue Bush. This is a sad day for the Cetacean Community.
John Kerry does Rolling Stone