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October 17, 2004

Keep Your Jesus Off My Penis A hummable (no pun intended) little diddy from Eric Schwartz. Needless to say, NSFW. Quicktime link.
Having a nap? Don't fall on any cocks! It sounds suspicious to me, but there's a FAQ on the Internet, and an atricle on the BBC, so it must be true!
Frowning Apothecary - Smiling Rhino. If you are an endangered species (or a randy raver) you may have an unlikely friend: Pfizer
Farscape Returns Tonight!! (If you are in the US, that is. I'm not sure about international airdates). After an incredible ammount of fan support, Farscape returns to the Sci-Fi channel tonight for part one of a two part mini-series. Be sure to watch and if you have never seen Farscape before, fans have created the website, Far What? to get you up to speed. more inside
NY Times endorses Kerry. I'm not sure if this is a big deal or not, but the New York Times has endorsed Kerry in a a very well-written editorial (login required). It certainly caught my eye.
Found in an old article on California's energy crisis: Why the US should invade Iran -- as of April 2001 Before 9/11, several documents made the argument to the Administration for taking over Iraq and its oil -- based on the spectre of the California energy crisis, and more to come, as explained by Enron's Kenneth Lay to the Administration -- all due to lack of control of foreign oil. Justifications were written and presented to the President for taking Iraq, to protect the US oil supply. April 2001. Read the footnotes -- this is amazing stuff, buried. more inside
Curious (fasting) George. I frequent a cafe in my neighborhood where the majority of the employees are Algerian. This weekend is the beginning of Ramadan, and most of the guys at the cafe are currently observing the month long fasting. I see these guys everyday (often 2 or 3 times a day) and count them among my friends -- they play with my 7mo old son, we talk about current events and gossip in the neighborhood, make fun of the tourists, etc. Which brings me to my question...what does one say to someone who is observing the fast? "Happy Ramadan?", "Good Luck?", "Keep it up?"
Marshall McLuhan, the Man and his Message Canada's CBC presents several archival radio and television clips of Marshall McLuhan and discussions about the man and his ideas. [Clips are embedded Windows Media] more inside
Monty Python and the Holy Grail to become the musical "Spamalot". This info is months old and I can't believe it got past me.
Please dial one, the area code, and then the number. Long a feature on the back cover of 2600, a "Hacker" magazine, has been pictures of payphones from around the world. It is pretty interesting when you realize that the US has some of the most low-tech payphones compared to other countries. Even more interesting is that it is illegal to take pictures of payphones in places like Egypt. more inside
Become a millionaire in space! No, really! Silly looking space craft, interesting products to buy and sell.., takes some of the mystery out of playing the market. more inside
Serious George...I often take cabs for my work, as I don't drive, and usually talk with a lot of cabbies if they're the talkative sort. Here's my question; when someone tells you they are from a country pretty much going up in flames at the moment, how does one respond? For example, a cabbie remarked that he was from Sudan, when the news of the crisis in Darfur was all over the news. I think I just said, "ah" as in "ah, I see", and the conversation moved on. I wondered what was better form; responding neutrally as I did, which may have given the impression I either didn't know about the situation in Sudan, or, worse, that I thought it unimportant; or if I should have said something along the lines of, "I'm sorry about what's happening there", and moved on. This happens relatively often, and the awkward pause after someone's announced they're from somewhere you see on the news every night is something I'm interested in hearing how other people handle.
Hey you damn kids, get off my polling data! I think we all heard the thing about a month back, about how the election pollsters are missing the 5% of the population who have only cellphones and no land line (myself included) But what's shocking in this article is that the pollsters seem to blame the young people for not showing up in their data more inside