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October 15, 2004

Aronose Doesn't this thing remind you of that device Steve Martin's character in The Jerk invented? What would you use this for?
BBS Baby! Gather 'round kids . . . Let me tell you about a magical time . . a time before the Internet . . when g33kz gathered in each other's homes remotely via a Bulletin Board System . . . more inside
Rapper KRS-One lauds felling of WTC and declares his allegiance withAl-Qaeda. "the hip-hop anarchist has declared his solidarity with Al Qaeda by asserting that he and other African-Americans 'cheered when 9-11 happened,' " Yeah sure. Sounds like a washed up performer trying to generate some hype for his next album.
Llamas Friday Furry Foolishness. Could llamas be the next badgers? via B3ta
Software Outsourcing is much ado about nothing. "They are peddling nonsense about the future of the North American software industry these days. You have probably heard the conventional wisdom: It isn't pretty. The North American software industry is in trouble. Indian software developers making US$20,000 a year are poised to drop-kick their overpaid North American rivals out of the stadium. It's the hollowing out of the service sector. It's globalization. It's also flapdoodle."
Sabbatum bridges the gap between the metal monster and the Latin-spouting geek in you. A must-have for your next party.
L.A. Meetup. Any monkeys interested?
We talked about this once before and what with the server death, the old post is gone. Should we give it another try? more inside
Curious Regional Habits George The neighborhoods posts got me thinking about how various regions/cities/neighborhoods have changed my perceptions and behaviors. [more inside] more inside
"Welcome, Mr. Ambassador! If you would just go ahead and sign that check..." Continuing presidential tradition, Bush appoints big contributors to plum ambassadorships. more inside
Music Plasma enter your favorite band/musician - get a visual representation of influences & related musicians. Cool S^#%!
Hentai Dictionary: - Yes a post about SEX! A directory of Japanese perversions, fetishes & AV slang. "Japanese porn consumers are so utterly perverted that the industry can't invent new kinks fast enough.." claims this site, so the webmaster compiled what may be the first internet dictionary of Japanese Porn Terminology. There are no dirty pictures, but the content is probably NSFW, and the site links to some rather naughty stuff, so thusly you have been warned. more inside
How's your fantastic movie memory? Some questions are easy, some are quite specific. A good score is 7 out of 10 correct.
Photography contest. Don't quite know what's going on here (it being in Chinese and all) but there are some fine looking pictures. And some shockers. more inside
“What I’m here to do today is to recruit you to be warriors of God’s kingdom.” Pointer is to an article within the Yurica Report website; I've quoted only a brief excerpt. Seymour Hersh commented in a radio interview recently that footnotes are one of the marks of the liberal position. There are upwards of 160 footnotes for this article. You judge ... more inside
Punk'd! The birthplace of punk, like the early rock and roll that it directly referenced, was in rebellion. The danger of black music, or the embrace of violence and nihilism, played a large part in both the sound and the attitude. Most sub-cultures are like this, defining themselves in opposition to the status quo. So why then are there conservative punks? more inside
Your one stop science shop: We've got dreaming dinos, disappearing amphibians, malaria vaccines, and Ig Nobel Awards. And don't forget to sample the latest images from Saturn. They're ringadingalicious.
Splif Peanut Butter: Warning May Contain Drugs. Items seized by the DEA that were used for drug trafficing from peanut butter jars to car transmissions. more inside
They will not like you... (obnoxious registration required - try bugmenot) A 10-country survey by Canada's La Presse has found that world attitudes towards the United States and particularly the incumbent President, George W. Bush, have soured significantly. How do USian monkeys feel about this? Do you mind, or even care?
Self-inflicted amputation:My question, is how could anybody make this type of mistake? more inside
Man ordered to pay $1,000 for hurtful comment. Time to dig through the high school yearbook and make with the litigating.