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October 13, 2004

Bush, Kerry and Nader respond to questions posed by youth voters, as part of the Presidential Youth Debate hosted by The New Voters Project. Rebuttals coming soon on October 17. via Slashdot more inside
What's it like, Dubya? [embedded .mpg]
Juris my diction crap A new US Treasury ruling states that US citizens cannot consume Cuban goods anywhere in the world. Full stop. Travel abroad and smoke them there, and you’ll still go to prison.
US to rate its allies on their treatment of Jews. A special office within the State Department will publicly issue a report each year on how foreign governments treat Jews in their countries. State Dept officials feel it will lead to charges of favoritism and ultimately erode the credibility of their other human rights mnitoring. [Telegraph registration]
Painting with light. A small collection of the works of great stained glass artists. more inside
Curious George: Book name I have been trying to find a book I read a while back for years. It's about this woman who is schizophrenic and it's written in her point of view. She goes through the stages of the illness (from childhood) and she even becomes a doctor. I vaguely remember that her symptoms were finally lessened through the use of kindey dialysis. I also remember that one of her recurring symptoms was hallucinating about helicopters. I don't remember if it was a true story, but it was very convincing.
Interactive cartoons: Explore the universe of the surreal with Mr. Furd, help the Beetleboy in his epic pursuit of an albino roly-poly, witness the pathos of the Monoliths of Sog, and dream your xylene dreams. Shockwave and either broadband or load-time-patience required. more inside
Semantic Simian Savannah Sharpen your sense of the surreal and strangle strange sentence structures simultaneously!
My Fellow Non-Americans.... This US election is important to the world, not just the US, and we non-Americans have to sit in absolute frustrated impotence and cross our fingers that there are enough sane, decent Americans to oust the war criminal. Right? Well... this isn't much, but it's something. So attempt to persuade a voter in Ohio!
Hat facts
The "45 minutes" claim was false Well, not a big surprise or anything, I guess. But it did have some rather large ramifications at the time. more inside
Kiwious Jorge: what to get the new citizen? Since there are so many Kiwi monkeys, I have a question for yez. A Colombian friend has finally been awarded permanent NZ residence. What iconic welcome present would you give him?
a monster a day... is good.
Posting and You... (a great Flash™ movie that should be mandatory viewing for each newly-approved Monkey and a few of the others). more inside
Curious frustrated George Ok guys, I have a problem, with FireFox, I can't seem to figure out... more inside
Exposing the fraud of ADHD. According to Dr. Fred Baughman, "ADHD is fraudulent--a creation of the psychiatric-pharmaceutical cartel, without which they would have nothing to prescribe their dangerous, addictive, Schedule II, stimulants for..."
misprinted type
The War Against Silence.
Supersize Me: The Debate
McDonalds gets a bit testy when it gets prodded.
The Acid Age of San Francisco Rock The photography of Herb Greene. A little heavy on the Grateful Dead, but whaddaya expect?