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October 12, 2004

Apocalypse: Now. Tonight is game one in a best-of-seven set between the fiercest rivals in baseball, if not all of American sports: The Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees. more inside
Who's got the dirtiest air in the planet? looks like China forgot to pay their cleaning bill.
Curious George: Can we make a difference? [American Election] Ok, the general feeling is that there's going to be an October Surprise, or maybe several. The purpose of the October Surprise, for those who haven't been paying attention, is to present the country with information that is damaging to the other candidate (or helpful to the presenting candidate) without giving enough time for the other candidate to respond adequately. The question is, does that have to hold true any more? more inside
"Tell them we're busy." France to permit cell phone jamming in public spaces like concert halls and movie theaters. Think of is as a way of saying
Who Your Favorite Novelists Are Voting For. Okay, maybe not your favorite novelists, but some well-known ones, anyway. Not hard to guess how most of them lean, but it's far from a wash, surprisingly. more inside
London Meetup - The Sequel Sequel Are we still meeting up on Thursday? Is it still the Chandos?
Tan's Barbers - Okay, who wants a NATO haircut?
Previously monitored nuclear material goes walkies more inside
iBrotha is the story of a Malcom-X-style zealot (played by The Matrix's Neil Rayment), who is dedicated to overthrowing the tyranny of Microsoft by any means necessary. A preview of the movie is available--in Quicktime and not Windows media, of course. more inside
Photos from the Toaster Collector's Association I especially liked (read: covet) the Fiesta toaster. I'll confess that I have a thing for toast. more inside
Tabula Peutingeriana - a Map of the Roman World - Ever wonder what form maps took in Imperial Roman times? Probably something like this one. more inside
Curious George: The tow-truck/property owner conspiracy- does it exist? [more inside] more inside
Unicorns Against Bush! How bad a leader do you have to be to have magikal beasts coming out of the Enchanted Forest to denounce you? more inside
The Great Bear in Maine.
Four word film reviews provide some good laughs. [via bifurcated rivets]
Curious George: The Wrong War I'd like to make a brief loop of the (at least) three times that Bush has said "The wrong war, at the wrong place, at the wrong time" to play on a radio show (though it would be nice to have the video too). Does anyone know where I would find (free) video editing software for a mac running os9.1? And I'd assume that the videos of the debates are online somewhere, right?
If you were confused by Bush's reference to "Dred Scott" (a 148 yr. old Supreme Court decision)... when he was asked about his criteria for Supreme Court nominees in the last debate, you will be interested to know (as I was) that it is Religious Right code for "Roe v Wade". <Explanation via Slate>
The Dictionary of the History of Ideas is now on line. Apparently this, the only previous edition, was published in 1973-74, although a new edition is in the planning stages. Sadly, the individual pages seem to be broken under FireFox 1.0, although they work under IE. Also, the server is very slow right now. via Crooked Timber
The List I don't know if anyone else has this problem, but I have trouble making my case against Bushco to someone without treading thin lines and quoting less-than-credible sources. How would monkeys feel about a thread full of reputable links with strong cases that people can use as a resource? more inside
Thomas Ades is a young composer from the UK who might just be the best composer to come along in a very long time. Although composers such as John Adams, John Corigliano and Harrison Birtwistle et. al at various times have been dubbed standard bearers of contemporary classical music, I ,along with many others, feel that Ades may eclipse them all. His acceptance is not quite complete as some claim &quot;emperor&#039;s new clothes staus&quot; for him, but I beg to differ. more inside