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September 28, 2004

Ligons and Tigons and Zorses, oh my! Ligers and Tigons and Zorses, oh my! (and leopons and wolphins and...) more inside
Darth Vader as a postmodern gargoyle? Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away, a kid entered a contest for evil and put the Dark Force atop the National Cathedral.
Monkeys, flu season is coming...find your shots here and keep the sniffles at bay! YAY! (concerned Monkey)
Curious George Should I charge my cell phone nightly? more inside
"The size of a piece of snot" is how Taiwan's Minister of Foreign Affairs described Singapore, whose "effort to embrace China's 'balls'" really really pissed him off. more inside
Scientists have been WAITING for a Parkfield, CA quake. And now they've got-a-one.
Curious George: Why are there term limits? Why shouldn't an elected official who is well-liked by the people and doing a good job in his position be allowed to be elected as many times as the people decide?
Potential "All-Out War" Threatened in Nigeria Over Oil Profits (More) Western Response: "Oil? Did someone say oil?"
City Destroyed by Giant! Burn, baby, burn (shockwave game).
Curious George: Found Money I've been tasked with finding a few options for corporate gifts. If you had $300-$400 that you had to spend on something fun, what would you get for yourself? An iPod? A Tivo w/Lifetime subscription? A digital camera? What?
Discomforting Communications: What do you think these pictographs are saying? (blatantly BoingBoing) more inside
What's red and fluffy? Red fluff! Oh, and these $1,200, full-length real angora sweater gowns. A tad too much angora? Then try the much-smaller angora bikini.
Ahnold Bans Smoking in California Prisons (First let me say I did a search...really I did). Governor Schwarzenegger has banned smoking in California prisons, as the title here would suggest. Supporters say it will save the state on smoking-related health costs... more inside
Do not settle for something ordinary .. Sign up for something extraordinary! The World's Longest Alphabetical Email Address. Perhaps inspired by the classic Email Addresses It Would Be Really Annoying To Give Out Over The Phone. (Via Rogue Semiotics.)
Need a way to fill in your summer? One COBRA recruit's diary of how he was trained to take on G.I. Joe.
Continued from here. It's only a couple more days to the 1st, so shall we try for next week instead? more inside
“How To Do The Asian Squat” (11 MB Quicktime.)
Zep Sims! The venerable Dawn of Aces II as well as the mammoth X-Plane each offer flyable zeppelin sims. DoA allows one to field the fictional LZ30, a generalized version of a World War 1 combat zep. X-P comes with a demo airship, the well-known Hindenburg. The lively modeler's scene associated with X-P has produced both Goodyear and Fuji blimps, as well as stranger stuff.
Addicting Games. You will never be productive again. [mostly flash]
The End of The Age of Oil. As is well known, the future of our world society will be shaped by how we solve the impending energy crisis. As the election comes near, this issue should be one of utmost importance. Caltech physics professor, David Goodstein, clearly lays out the energy situation we are faced with today and describes some possible solutions. Of particular interest, he introduces the idea of "Hubbert's Peak", a peak that sort of describes the maximum point in a bell curve that represents the usage of a natural resource like oil or natural gas. He argues convincingly with actual figures that we may now be reaching our peak in oil production and then discusses what this may mean for the future. I personally think the future of our energy lies with the daring snapping shrimp and his claws.