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September 23, 2004

2004 Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge results. A tick, a bat, microplankton, Mount Etna, and a map of Florida unrelated to hurricanes or elections. more inside
Bill Moyers on journalism. A long read but worth it; nobody can talk like Moyers, presenting important ideas with passion and humor. "The job of trying to tell the truth about people whose job it is to hide the truth is almost as complicated and difficult as trying to hide it in the first place. Unless you're willing to fight and refight the same battles until you go blue in the face, drive the people you work with nuts going over every last detail to make certain youve got it right, and then take hit after unfair hit accusing you of 'bias,' or, these days, even a point of view, there's no use even trying." Don't miss the story about LBJ and the Freedom of Information Act. more inside
Curious George: Favorite Online Cartoons Curious George: Great Online Cartoons?  My current favorite is Time Kreider
pursuing jane or How I Stalked a Girl I Saw on TV and Made a Blog About It. more inside
Zeppelin rides. In Switzerland. "The Swiss limited company operates large airships for passenger rides, advertising and as sensor platforms. Scheduled airship passenger rides start from the home base at Buochs/Ennetb├╝rgen close to Lucerne." more inside
Living like a caveman. I'm a big fan of experimental/unusual housing so this site really caught my eye. All in the heart of convenient Cappodocia, no less. And check out those prices! I know where I'm going for retirement.
Ladies and Gentlemen: The Rutles!
The Wishing Hole - An anonymous place to let it all out, confess, or flirt. From the funny, to the weird, and everything in between, the Wishing Hole is a voyeuristic journey to the part of humanity that doesn't even show themselves to those closest to them. Some rules are inside: more inside
The Childhood Goat Trauma Foundation is here to help anyone who has suffered a traumatic run-in with goats. If you think that the foundation can help you, please contact one of our counselors. more inside
"I rode on the Goodyear blimp." (I just love them blimps!)
Link to beheading videos more inside
The Notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci: Day-by-day Da Vinci. Read the pages of the Notebooks by RSS, one at a time.
Perhaps I'm out of some loop, but I don't under stand this graphic on google.com Can someone explain?
Are you a 'Daddy's Girl'? I'm used to bizarre religious expression (hey, I'm originally from Missouri), but I saw an advertisement for these freaks in a local paper today and frankly, it makes me itchy. My wife and daughter were horrified by it for five minutes (before they began to tease me mercilessly, of course). more inside
Personality and Presidents Study Take the quiz. more inside
Baxter vs. Diebold. Democracy in peril? Send in the chimpanzee!
Back to the garden A visit with Joni Mitchell
Opium Made Easy: One gardener's encounter with the war on drugs.
Victor the Talking Budgie [caveat: credulity factor in the interpretation of the audio files] In the fall of 2000, I was the guardian of an remarkable parakeet named Victor. He had a vocabulary of over 1000 words and began to talk in amazing context. He was the first parrot in the world to prove they could speak in sophisticated conversational language.
Kryptonite takes one for the team. In response to the recent revelation that anyone could pick your bike lock with a pen, the lock manufacturer has announced a lock exchange program. more inside