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September 06, 2004

Curious George: Where does the deficit come from? I see that the U.S. has a $3.9 trillion debt, and in 2003 had the highest deficit in recorded history ($375 billion). What keeps Bush/Congress from, say, creating a $425 quadrillion defense budget? Can we theoretically just keep racking up a debt that goes on forever? And how does this affect the average Joe Sixpack?
We're all just diamonds in the rough. And for a "reasonable" fee, you can make it come true. Don't like people? That's okay, they'll handle pets too. (via memepool)
M. You : Actor. Now starring in "The Fickle Fingers of Fame, Fate and Automated Term Recognition Software." more inside
Habits and Will, by John Dewey.
Happy Labor Day, ya'll! more inside
The Wooster Collective: A Celebration of Street Art. Warning: may cause your visual cortex to implode with joy.
You know you want one
Build a time machine ."Scientists tell us it's technically possible. Here's a how-to guide for the ambitious tinkerer." I'd like to dedicate this post to Dreadnought (who in no way resembles Sylvester McCoy, I should stress - more Peter Davison). more inside
October is next month right?
Tout Puissant Konono N These are musicians who left the bush to settle in the capital and who, in order to go on keep fulfilling their social role and make themselves heard by the ancestors (and, more concretely, by their fellow citizens) despite the high level of urban noise, have had to resort to DIY amplification of their instruments, and to megaphones (conical speakers). This makeshift electrification has provoked a radical mutation of their sound, as it has introduced distorsions which they have integrated to their style. (Quicktime Link included)
Maps of the Muslim World. Linkage from Milad's new blog focussing on Politics, Language and Cultures of the Arab World.
Examples of Engrish from Japan and around the world Bizzare product names, Indecipherable instructions, weird signs and lots of related items from well meaning would-be foreign born english language experts. Personally I would gladly use a toilet paper called Sit and Smile
Infocom Text Adventures Online
'Murrican Monkeys got Monday off. Waste your time with these classics. Leather Goddesses of Phobos, ya'll!
Lovely Online Treasures from the British Library (shockwave). Beautifully done -- you can "flip" through the pages of books as disparate as The Luttrell Psalter, a 16th century medical text, or a Chinese Buddhist scroll printed in 868. The audio commentary is a nice touch.
The Blue Chamber The sequel to Toshimitsu Takagi's Crimson Room and Viridian Room is out. It's shorter than the others, but there's still a walkthrough if you need it.
Hell House Spoof To Be Staged In LA "Hell House, the controversial morality play first staged at a suburban church for Halloween, is set to be spoofed in a new stage production in Los Angeles starting Aug. 28. With Bill Maher playing Satan and Andy Richter as Jesus, the play will use the original play's script and special effects "to lampoon (Christian) fundamentalist beliefs about hell", producer Maggie Rowe said Monday" more inside
The First (network) Email.
The History of The Ding Dong Lounge Oct. 2000: Local police precinct informs Naidich & Nolan that neighborhood is utterly resistant to gentrification. Delighted, they sign lease. Dec. 2000: Renovation of space at 929 Columbus Ave begins with "Inches" magazine centerfold Toby in charge of construction. Ancient pornography discovered in airshaft under miles of used crack vials. Naidich unloads porn on E-Bay, financing mahogany bar.
Calculate your lifespan in minutes. Your life right down to the decimal. Takes only a few minutes to finish and gives a fairly accurate prediction of your health.
Photoblogger Mike from Satans Laundromat gets arrested at the convention.