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August 31, 2004

"Do you mean that anybody who is not donating a kidney is taking someone's life?"
"Yes," Kravinsky said. "So, by your terms, I'm a murderer?" "Yes," Kravinsky said. Philanthropy, jainism or masochism? It's a long piece but well worth the read.
"I have said, technology is what causes the problem, and technology will be the salvation of the problem." - Blogger Engadget interviews Jack Valenti. Other interviews with Jack more inside
A satellite's eye view of the earth Or, for those of you who can never remember whether it's nighttime over there, and always wind up waking your distant friends/family/lizard alien overlords there's this. more inside
A man, a plan, the pentagon, a 757 (flash) A short flash film raising some unanswered questions. There are lots of sites out there that refute this movie's claim. What is a conspiracy theorist to think?
Got books? Don't want 'em? Others do! Adopt a library!
Anti-Monkey Butt Powder For all your bowlegged, sweaty, rash-ey needs.... Via blogdex
Ook! is a programming language designed for orang-utans. Since the word "ook" can convey entire ideas, emotions, and abstract thoughts depending on the nuances of inflection, Ook! has no need of comments.
ligeti; more inside
Something Fishy. Consider the case of the Tangerine Rodeo Fish, a creature that has evolved the ability to encircle other fish in gaseous byproducts of its internal systems -- bubbles -- thereby making the other fish disappear and scoring the points it needs to survive. By capturing more fish of the same type in the bubbles, it scores exponentially more points, allowing it to survive longer. This is just one of the species you'll learn about in the new IMAX production, Oh No, More Damn Fish.
[Via Little Fluffy]
Juan the Bear attempts Zoo escape - with a bicycle. Yes, there's a photo, thank the Lord. Following on from the tragic tale of Nina, the lovelorn Komodo Dragon who died trying to find happiness, and the scary Gorilla thing from March, is this some kind of co-ordinated plot we're seeing emerge? And how does the recent spate of Monkey Thefts tie into it all? Does this provide a clue? Does it? more inside
RNC Protest Photos Taz at Loaded Mouth took some shots of the protests at the convention. Personally, I'm with Matt Yglesias on this. more inside
Unusual Museums of the Internet: Ranging from Bandaids to Superhero food to Zippo lighters and 105 others in betweens.
Hetch Hetchy, Yosemite's lost valley. It's time to bring it back.