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August 22, 2004

Bush's Attacks On Vets In 2000 & 2004 President Bush has refused to condem the Swift Boat Veteran For the Truth ads. Conservative monkeys can think that's fine because it's against Kerry and Bush isn't paying for the ads (it's actually an old crony Bob Perry who is). more inside
Meet the new terrorists! Sorry, freedom fighters. How could this ever end badly?
LBJ orders pants.
This is an invitation to play. Nothing more. That was the entirety of a craigslist posting for an open web space, a playground for web geeks of all stripes. I know that there are some rather talented monkeys here who might have some fun in a place like that. more inside
International woes for Microsoft
The War Nerd defends the French. "Well, I'm going to tell you guys something you probably don't want to hear: these sites are total bullshit, the notion that the French are cowards is total bullshit, and anybody who knows anything about European military history knows damn well that over the past thousand years, the French have the most glorious military history in Europe, maybe the world."
Man Fired for Heckling Bush On the face of it, outrageous. On the other hand it was an invitation only event with tickets provided by a client of the company.
Vote Jones! He's untainted and he enjoys roads! Besides, everyone likes pie.
My username-sake has been stolen! Again. more inside
The worst marketing strategy. Or maybe the best...? This is my first link. Be gentle! What kind of marketing manager do you think would have come up with the idea for that packet of peanuts?
Red Elvises - Kick Ass Rock'n'Roll from Siberia. If only to hear "Everybody, shake your body" sung to the tune of the Volga Boatman's song. Mp3's here. more inside
Think chess is too dull? Boxing is too dumb? Why not try Chessboxing?
Yugop. Completely pointless, yet entertaining. Oh, I mean "It's Art". Just click on it. more inside