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August 18, 2004

Living Jewels. more inside
7 1/2 Days: Reporter Kevin Heldman was confined on Woodhull
Spank your monkey Spanking the Monkey The Strangest Children's Book of the 19th Century Teaches You the Facts of Life—Complete With Singing Vagina...It's a Victorian sex-ed manual. For children. Starring a monkey. A review of a real book published at the turn of the century that I would love to get my damn dirty paws on.
What if apes take over the world? Worth 1000 image munging contest to place apes into the human world. Some rather amusing and well done images as well a crop of crappy ones.
Cops Use Taser on Charley victim A guy, in his minivan, with his three kids, just wanted to go back to his house. Florida police officers decided to swat the fly with a Buick and drag him from his van and "subdue" him with their Taser, while the crowd surrounding objects vociferously. Charming video for you all to watch. [link via Sensible Erection.]
Curious George: Stream of a GAP Ad? Does anyone know where I can find streaming video of the latest American TV spots from the GAP? more inside
Warner Brothers selling original Green Day ringtones. more inside
Working hard, or hardly working? Fun flash game. Catch the crumpled-up paper. Throw paper in trash can. Addictive. more inside
Dog adopts baby fawn. Awwww, how cute... more inside
Nathan Jurevicius is an Australian artist who began his career as a freelance illustrator. Nathan achieved international recognition with his Scarygirl comics and art figures. WARNING:FLASH (First FPP. Please don't pillory me.) more inside
The Prandtl-Glauert singularity. A sudden drop in air pressure causes a ring of condensation around planes, usually when exceeding the speed of sound. This makes for some pretty amazing pictures, like this and this.
Cloaca by Wim Delvoye. Probably [NSFW]. more inside
Astroturf Gone Wrong. When astroturfing the sites of bloggers who offer opinions about your employer, best not to make it too obvious.
Bananas, leading the way. Danelope puts the pieces of the puzzle together, and sounds a warning, in his customary terse style. (Warning: monkeys!)
Kids draw the human body: The results are amazing. Daniel's skeleton is my favorite.
Wow, this black metal is scary stuff!
"And then, he invent Hilicopter Fcuk !"
"In Japan, the person who have no hair on their penis is only him and cancer patient. Yes, he is minority. So he think differently." EXTREMELY NSFW. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. That said, the video is, erm, interesting... more inside
I'm sorry, sir, your application to link to this website has been turned down. Things you can't do at the Olympics, part 237,946: link to their website without written permission. more inside
God is coming to San Francisco
Wikipedia "featured pictures" aggregate (large and numerous thumbnails = long page load. Dial-up monkeys beware...)