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August 13, 2004

"This site contains all published fragments of Ancient Greek music which contain more than a few scattered notes. All of them are recorded under the use of tunings whose exact ratios have been transmitted to us by ancient theoreticians (of the Pythagorean school, most of them cited by Ptolemaios)." (RealAudio samples and MIDI files.) more inside
Remembering Julia Child She changed chefs and cooking forever in the public eye. Her kitchen is in the Smithsonian. She loved food and loved to share it too. more inside
What if Ashcroft turns on his TV? Hey - I have a great idea for a reality show: take six undocumented immigrants, and make them do Fear-Factor style tricks for a chance at a green card! Oh, the laughs we could have at their expense! But oops! As they say over at the halfbakery, that's not half-baked; it's already been baked: it's a real show, called Gana la Verde. more inside
eBay aquires 25% of Craigslist One of the greatest (and quietest) successes on the internet, Craigslist is now 25% owned by eBay. Craigslist was founded by Craig Newmark, and has been a fixture of the Bay Area for almost a decade and has now spread out to cities world-wide. [story spotted on kottke.org]. more inside
The Virtual Suck Tour Of Arlington, Massachusetts This is a town near where I grew up. All the towns around there are pretty much the same.
Audiopad converts the positions and motion of objects on a tabletop surface into music.
check out those movies -- incredible.
Grail legends.
Tell me what to like, O' djinni! The eternal dilemma: finding new music you'll like without having to listen to scads of crap... more inside
I don't have a sense that there's a lot of anger Larry King interviews the POTUS. KING: You don't, so you think there's less civility in America? G. BUSH: Not really. . . .When I travel the country, and I've been traveling a lot, there are thousands of people who come out and wave, and they are -- you know, they respect the presidency. Sometimes they like the president, but I have this -- I don't have a sense that there's a lot of anger. huh. more inside
Research in the Buff Submitted for all your nude researching needs: The American Nudist Research Library.
I. Am. So. Lazy. Are you a lazy monkey too? There is hope. "The monkeys under the influence of the treatment don't procrastinate."
This article makes the valid point that we're getting carried away with our paranoia regarding Bush and terror. Your thoughts? Definitely made me stop and think. more inside
iPod vs the Cassette There's someone who made an analysis about pros and cons of iPod and the old cassettes
Curious George: Hot wings recipes please - I just bought a bunch of cheap chicken legs... more inside
Primitive Girl
Interesting collection of several women's photography, essay, kink, erotica, design, conversation, autobiography, poetry, philosophy, what have you. A more thoughtful and infinitely less cheesecake-y Suicide Girls for all you tormented Emo-boys. Front page is SFW, but I wouldn't look around any if the boss is nearby.
I am a prostitute. And sometimes I feel fucked up. Not because of what I do; but because sixty-five women in my city are dead. This is my city. These are the laws regarding prostitution. These are photographs of the kind of women who died. This is what happened to them. And I think it happened because we, as citizens, police, and maybe even the girls who kept getting into cars could not believe that this could really happen in our naive and sparkling city. Windsurf in the morning! Ski in the afternoon! Kill a hooker in the evening! more inside
New Jersey is just the beginning
America's First Gay President The outted and outgoing governor of New Jersey is by no means America's first, or highest-ranking, or most controversial gay politician.  That honor very likely belongs to President James Buchanan and his probable paramour, former Vice President Rufus King.  Somewhat scholarly discussion of the Buchanan controversy here here and here